Projects, projects everywhere.  My house is a little disastrous looking, because I am working on 3 separate Christmas crafts all at once.  Which also accounts for why this post is later than usual.  I was hoping to have one complete to share with you, but that didn’t happen.

Last night, we were offered tickets to the UNI Men’s basketball game.  It was a last-minute decision, that led to getting nothing else completed last night.

We also had HJ’s conferences last night.  After hearing his teacher speak about him, I could not be more proud.  She told me that he was so kind to everyone in the class and loves to help.  Overall, she said he is such a great kid.  I was so happy to hear that :).

HJ’s school is closed today, which means we are staying home.  I promised him we could get our Christmas decorations up since I work all next week.  We are both pretty pumped to decorate.

Next week, I will hopefully have a few of my projects completed, I am excited to share them with you.  Even if they end up failing!


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