Every year, I envision beautiful Christmas pictures of my little family.  Pictures of us looking at the camera, posing by a tree and carefully opening Christmas gifts.  And every year, the pictures show the chaos that Christmas really is.


HJ’s first Christmas, he was so little, that getting him to be awake, looking at the camera, and posing with a dog was impossible.  By year 2, I couldn’t get anyone to sit still.  Year 3, I went a different route and thought HJ could pose with Santa.  Only, Santa terrified him.  Year 4, everyone was too excited.  Year 5, chaos of opening presents and throwing paper as quickly as possible was the only thing you could see in the pictures and for some reason, we included a stuffed dog instead of the actual dog.  Maybe this year, huh?

Luckily, I am not the only one who only ends up with pictures showing the true excitement and fun that Christmas brings.  That’s why The Cardstore is hosting a Candid Christmas Card Photo Contest.  Show them what Christmas really looks like in your house.  It might be a dog eating Christmas cookies, kids screaming at Santa or wrapping paper thrown all over the living room.  Once you submit your photo, ask friends and family to vote.  The grand prize winner will receive a $1,500 Visa gift card to put towards a holiday trip, a Nikon CoolPix camera, and free Cardstore Christmas cards to send out to their loved ones this holiday season!  How’s that for an early Christmas gift?

While scrolling through the Cardstore’s Christmas items, I decided to pick out our cards for the holiday season.  There were so many to choose from, that I found it helpful to add some to my favorites as I searched.  Then, I was able to few the ones I had narrowed it down to and plug our photos in.

IMG_3190Once the card looked how I wanted it to, I was able to save it.  I then uploaded my address book, and the cardstore addressed my envelopes for me.  And then…mailed them out.  That’s right.  You can pick a date for them to get mailed out on.  How’s that for simplifying life?


Thank you to Cardstore for sponsoring today’s post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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