It officially snowed in Cedar Falls.  Not like the roads are slick and schools are cancelled snow, but like there are flakes falling from the sky and it is cold.  Like damn cold.  This reminded me I had not found someone to plow for the winter.  I do not have a snow blower, although I would like to save the money, and it snows too much for the ol’ shovel.  I called a guy someone recommended a few weeks ago, who said, “I will check it out today and get back to you”.  Well, he hasn’t.  Should I take that as a no?  And if it is a no, I might be in trouble.  Most plow companies are booked!

HJ had his 5 year doctor check up today.  I prepared him for the scary shots.  He was a nervous wreck.  And then, no shots.  Whoops.  He is currently in the 50% for weight and 35% for height, which is really close to last year.  I was always such a short shrimp, it is hard to believe my child is “average”.

I am struggling with HJ’s gift from Santa.  He has said he wants a guitar.  I am afraid he will hate a guitar when he realizes he can’t play it.  Does Santa still bring one?  Or do I get something he can play with?  In prior years, I have been able to “suggest” things to ask for, but I have a feeling those years are in the past.

If you are looking to get started on your holiday shopping, check out GroopDealz.  They have a few fun collections right now, including Perfectly Patterned, Silver and Gold and Out of the Woods

Have you started your holiday shopping?  I am struggling with a few people on my list, and a few budget restraints.  Hopefully no one will notice!  Do you have a limit as to how many presents you get your kids?  I have always done a big gift from Santa with the stocking.  Then, he gets 3 other gifts (one always has a few clothing items in it).  I remember a friend who said her parents always got them three gifts, because if it was good enough for Jesus, it is good enough for them.  I figured it was a good motto, and that way I make myself have limits.  I really want HJ to enjoy giving as much as receiving, so I don’t want him to think it is all about HIS gifts.

I am so glad she won’t be a one-hit wonder, because I loved her first hit.  And this one makes me dance around the kitchen.  A lot.

(not the official video for this song!)

4 Thoughts on “Let It Snow (not really)…and other ramblings

  1. Oh man, I have no idea how expensive kiddie guitars are….but could you maybe look into a couple guitar lessons? Maybe with a rental? That way you don’t shell out the money for it to be a flop? Music is so great for learning minds, that I would encourage the idea, but it has to fit into the budget and not be a waste.

  2. Love the song! I don’t do any Christmas shopping until December. I can’t process the thought. I have to take one holiday at a time, so I do them in order one month at a time, lol. You might look into getting AJ a kid’s electric guitar that he can play that has chords already programmed into it along with songs. They usually have them in places like Target and Walmart for the holidays in the toy section. See if he takes to it, then plan for a small kid’s acoustic guitar later. I got my daughter a small “real” guitar (pink) and thought she’d enjoy learning to play since I do, but alas, the instant gratification wasn’t there, and so on the wall it sits mounted with no love (but it sure is cute). 🙂 XOXO-Kasey

  3. I’m not hearing many santa ideas yet either. One was hermit crabs!!! Ummm, yeah, NO! I wish I woulda set a present limit. That girl always has too big of a stack! Need to ease back though and I’m thinking this might be the year as I don’t have too many ideas!

  4. I LOVE that idea of only doing 3 gifts for Christmas. My daughter is the first grandkid on both sides and she gets SOOOO spoiled. I think I might implement that with our family this Christmas!

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