As far as birthday fun goes, HJ lucked out.

The weekend before, we celebrated with all of his friends at an indoor playground.  The kids had fun running around and playing, and HJ loved all the extra attention.

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November 4th was his official birthday, and he had the best day ever.

We have a tradition of taking his picture at bedtime the night before his birthday (last pic as a 4-year-old), and then first thing in the morning (first pic as a 5-year-old).  Then we measure him to see how much he has grown (almost 4 inches since April!)

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HJ went to school that morning, all ready to celebrate with his friends.  I showed up before lunch, just in time to see him do show and tell, and then have lunch with him and his friends.  We also brought cupcakes to share with his class.  It was so much fun to see him with all of his friends, and I even got to read them a story after lunch.

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That afternoon, I surprised HJ with a trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s.  We were the only people in the whole place (except for a few of the workers), and HJ loved having his run of the place.  On our way home, we stopped by a park to play tag.

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Naturally, he fell asleep on the way home.

That evening, we went to dinner with his grandparents and great-grandparents.  Then, we headed home for cake and presents.

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HJ loved all of his presents, especially a light saber and noisy truck (very noisy…thanks nana).

HJ had so much fun, and told me his favorite part was “all of it”. I loved being able to make the day so special, and watch how much fun my baby had.  Hard to believe my baby is 5!

3 Thoughts on “Party Like It’s Your Birthday

  1. Aw, what a great party day!!!! 🙂 Cute pictures, too. Thanks for sharing! XOXO-Kasey

  2. Love the picture and measuring tradition! Will have to remember that for next time around!

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