My baby turns 5 on Tuesday.  I can not believe how fast time has gone.  I want to savor all of this amazing time, and I am continuously in awe at how blessed I feel to be his mother.

And look at this beautiful work of art he made for our house:


He told me it was him loving me and me loving him.  Make a mama’s heart melt.

Also, he is goofy.  At his preschool, his class goes to recess in a separate area from the older kids.  His area is fenced in.  Whenever he talks about recess, he brings up “the cage”.  How his older friends came to say hi to him in his cage.  Or how he can’t wait until he is big and doesn’t have to be in a cage.  It makes me laugh every time.

And don’t laugh at him when he is being serious.  He dislikes being made fun of.

He went to see a play, and loved the bus ride.  He also sat by Ellie, but it’s a rule that you can’t hold hands.

This weekend is my little monkey’s party.  I am so excited to see him interact with his friends.  We have had a countdown going on our fridge, and he is eagerly waiting for Sunday to arrive.

Friday is Halloween.  I will be going to work dressed as Thing 1…or 2.  It is a hideous outfit, and I am fearful of shoving my hair in a small wig (I have a lot of hair).  I will also be bringing a warm beverage with me door to door, because it is supposed to be cold!

Our weekend is jam packed with fun.  Trick-or-treating, a friend’s birthday party, family in town, HJ’s 5th birthday bash…eeks!  Which means, next week you will see lots of pictures from us.  Including HJ’s beautiful 5 year pictures that we had done this month.  Have a great Halloween weekend!

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