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It is no secret I love fashion.  I adore finding new stores with great fitting clothes.  Living in a small-ish size town, most of my clothing shopping is done online.  A huge downfall to this is having to send items back that don’t fit.

When I heard about eShatki, I was excited to try it out.  They differ from other online stores, because they custom make their items.  Awesome, I know.  When I first heard that, I figured the clothing items were going to be well out of my budget.  However, they are actually really reasonably priced.  Especially considering it is custom-made.

Here is how it works:

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You pick out the clothing item you would like to add to your wardrobe.  Then, it will ask if you want to custom size or custom style.  Custom style allows you to submit all your measurements, and have the garment made to fit you perfectly.  The custom style allows you to adjust certain “parts” (sleeve length, neckline, etc).

I decided to go with the custom size, as I liked the original cut and fit of the top.


It then asked for all my measurements, and even gave tips on how to measure each area.  Once that is completed, you are done!  All I had to do then, was wait for my very first custom-made top to be delivered to my door.

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The fit was perfect.  Being a short person, I am use to having to roll my sleeves.  Most shirts fit too long in that area.  This shirt is perfect bracelet length.  The shirt was fitted, without being to slim.  It is dressy enough to wear to the office, and casual enough for a dinner with friends.

If you are looking for unique clothing items to fit YOU, I would highly suggest eShatki.  My experience with them was nothing but positive.  And best part, they have sizes ranging from 0 to plus size, so they have something for everyone!

Visit eShatki here, you can also find them on twitter, facebook, pinterest and instagram.

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