Aging gracefully

One thing I have noticed in life is that people dread getting older.  I don’t mean children, or anyone under 21 really, but 22 seems to be when it starts.

Today, was my 33rd b-day.  I can not tell you how many people said things to the effect of, “Happy 26th b-day, hahaha.”.  And sure, I agree, and laugh.  But really, what’s wrong with 33?  Since being in my 30’s, I have noticed a few things about women my age.

We have aged gracefully.  The difference between being 22 and 33 are plenty.  Some are good, some are bad, and some are ridiculous.

For one, we know how to wear clothes.  We know what styled fit our body types.  We know how to hide problem areas, and show off our assets.  Living in a college town, I know this is not true for 22 year olds.  At that age, you want to wear the coolest styles, and don’t seem to notice if you should or not.  Short shorts look good on few people.

We also know that you sometimes you will spend extra on a classic piece.  A pair of jeans that fit perfect, or a handbag that you can’t help but swoon over.  Pieces that will last verses pieces you will be over in a few months (or have them break on you).

For another thing, we know our coloring.  I swear, all of my friends in college were blonde.  Now, we all have brown hair.  For myself, blonde washes me out.  I look almost ghastly, especially in the winter.  But in college, I wanted to be a hot blonde.  In stylish clothes.

I know what is good for me.  I know things like tanning aren’t healthy.  I know working out helps me emotionally and physically.  I know what I deserve.

Being in my 30’s has helped shape me into a better person.  A much better person then I ever was at 20.  If life has become this much better in a few short years, I can’t wait to see what is in store for the rest of my 30’s.



2 Thoughts on “On Getting Older

  1. Kathie on October 27, 2014 at 8:54 am said:

    Good for you, you’re wise beyond your years!!!

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