The only group photo, and of course it has a photo bomber.  Also, the photographer was confused on how to use my phone and said “I have a flip razor, I can’t use this!”.

And just like that, my October goal is complete.  With it being my birthday month, it seemed fitting to plan a girl’s night out.  I asked a handful of my friends to come and visit, and luckily we were able to find a weekend that worked for everyone.  These ladies were some of my best friends in college, and I have been so lucky to stay close to them since graduating.  Even though I talk to them quite often via phone, it is still not the same as having a slumber party.

We kicked off our Saturday with a small itinerary to follow (if needed):

4pm-ish until 6ish: Get ready to party like it’s 2003. We can relax, primp and have fun. I have heads up ready to go on the phone and a Pandora station keyed up.
There will be vodka gummy bears to dine on.
Courtney and Heidi, you are in charge of pre-dinner drinks (that seems like a dangerous choice of people to be in charge, but I am going with it).
Mary, you are in charge of a pre-dinner snack…so we don’t get too hammered before meal time.
Between 6-6:30, we will head to main street. First stop, Soho for martinis and Tapas.
(from here on, the schedule is subject to change. Only refer to itinerary at this point if someone says, “I’m tired” “I’m bored” “We should head home”
and it is before 12:30am).
Did someone whine? Or should I say wine? Head to Luna. You can not leave until someone takes a picture with the giraffe. Unless it broke, the amount of people that have jumped on that thing worries me.
If someone suggests pump haus, remind them it is always 19-21 year olds there and they stare at you weird. If you must go to prove this point, do it. Then go to Uncle Harry’s where the “older” crew hangs out.
Toad’s, because it’s toads. And there is never a line for their bathrooms. So ya think ya can dance now? Flip a coin for Jokers or Voodoo.
Then remember why you don’t go to dance clubs and head to berks.
At this point, it might be best to call it a night. Actually, call Dolly’s Taxi at 319-242-2011.
Becky and Ruiz, you should make sure there are some late night worthy treats. There will also be Tylenol, Gatorade and beds available for use.


Drunk little gummy bears






This was taken right before getting in the cab.  I thought it was a great picture until I saw the quality the next day :).


4 Thoughts on “A Year of Resolutions: October

  1. I love that itinerary! I’m going to build a similar one the next time my girlfriends and I go out!

  2. So fun! I want an invite to one of these gatherings next time 🙂

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