This past Sunday, HJ, my mom and I headed to the pumpkin patch for an afternoon of fun.  After hearing fun things about a Barn Stahl Petting Zoo in Wellsburg, we decided to make the trek.

The moment we got out of the car, HJ was running all around, trying to see everything.  Admission was $5, and included a bag of feed for the animals.  We first went to a barn with lots and lots of goats.  They ate right out of our palms, and the little ones were so cute.  There was also a track set up with scooters, and HJ zoomed all around.


When we headed upstairs, HJ was jumping with excitement.  There was hay piled up to climb on, basketball hoops and tunnels to go through.  The next barn had a ball pit and a tower to climb up to look out over the farm.



There was also a sand pit and a corn kernel pit.  There was an incredible tree house, and a tire swing.  HJ loved feeding the horses (they were messy eaters).  And, one of the miniature horses just had a baby.  It was smaller than our dog, and absolutely adorable.


There were chickens, peacocks, llamas and pigs.  And then, there were all sorts of exotic pets.  We saw a zebra and a camel, cute little hedge hogs and Patagonia caveys.  There were ostriches, and the cutest, friendliest kittens (I almost brought one home). HJ also decided that bison’s have big, fat butts, and couldn’t stop laughing at them.


Oh yeah, and pumpkins :).


After a few hours, it started to get chilly and drizzly.  HJ hopped on a tractor ride to end the day.


The petting zoo is opened year round, and I would love to take HJ on a warmer day where we can spend the afternoon.  He loved seeing all the animals, and I would love to give him more time to learn about them.

If you happen to live in the area, I would highly recommend visiting the Barn Stahl Petting Zoo.  We will be heading back for sure!


One Thought on “Barn Stahl Pumpkin Patch

  1. This looks so fun! Seems like you definitely got your money’s worth! We went to Valas Pumpkin Patch in Omaha with my family including my 1.5 year old nephew and it was absolutely adorable watching him feed the animals!!

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