All week, I have woke up in the mornings thinking it was Friday.  And tomorrow, it’s finally here!  It’s not that this week has seemed exceptionally long, it’s that it started out that way.  My Monday was almost 12 hours in the office, followed by a very busy Tuesday.  Wednesday was the first day I felt like I could get caught up on stuff.  By this point, I have put in enough hours that I am only working 9-2 tomorrow.  I think 9-2 would be the perfect schedule everyday.

HJ had soccer tonight.  He has been in this class a few times, and he has officially decided that he is too big for it.  They play on a mini field, and he is ready for a larger scale.

The other day, the dog barked.  HJ looked at him and said, “You can say that again!”.  I can’t help but laugh at the things that come out of his mouth.

We have started planning HJ’s b-day party.  Years passed, I have always had a theme (like last year’s construction party).  Very detail oriented themes.  This year?  HJ picked out a ninja turtle invite.  I thought that meant he would want a ninja turtle cake.  But no, he picked Mario and Luigi.  I am coming to terms that I don’t have to pin cute theme items this year, but I do hope he will let me go theme crazy another year.

We are having HJ’s 5 year pics taken this weekend.  He is insisting he will not smile because he wants to look cool.  Where do kids get this stuff?

After my post on Wednesday, Tracy left a comment giving great ideas on how to style the shelves.  I updated it to this:


I noticed tonight, she said I should move the Halloween decorations and the jars, so I will have to switch those up.  Luckily, all this stuff was already in my house!  My mom asked me the other day why I always saved glass jars (the jars in the bathroom are pickle and queso jars).  Do you think it looks better?  I still love her idea of whale figurines, but for now, this will work!

I hope you all have a fun weekend.  I will be relaxing, because next weekend is my girl’s night!

One Thought on “Friday Ramblings

  1. Glass jars are so easy to save! I think they look great! HJ’s response to the dog is precious, I’m sure he’ll let you do more themes in the future. There might be years when he thinks you’re over the top, but as an adult he’ll love bragging about the cool parties you gave him.

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