This week, I finally buckled down.  I bought lots and lots of produce, and prepared for a week of healthy eating.  I was doing so well from January until about April, and then it all went to hell.  Working out was doing enough to keep the weight off, and I was able to indulge in yummy treats.  Then, I hurt my foot.  I couldn’t do much for just over 3 weeks.  And then, I have had to ease my way back into it.  Three weeks of now working out much and still eating horrible, and it started to show.  The jeans started getting tight again, I hadn’t stood on the scale because I knew what it was going to say and I kept telling myself, “one more cookie can’t make that big of a difference”.

I knew the best way to tackle this beast was to start over like I did in January.  I started the advocare 10 day herbal cleanse.  Of all the cleanses I researched, this seems the most manageable.  For one, it’s 10 days.  For two, you eat…lots.  Only, you are eating clean.  No processed/sugary foods.

Meal prepping is super important to stay on top of things.  Sunday night, I started by making egg whites in veggies in muffin tins.  This way, I just pop 3 in the microwave for breakfast and I am ready to start the day.

IMG_2869 (1)

Mid-morning, I have some mixed nuts.  A great way to add protein and stay filled up.  For lunch, I have a spinach salad topped with lots of fruit and balsamic vinaigrette.  I also had a pear or apple for a sweet treat (yeah, it’s no cookie).

Dinner has been chicken and veggies.  I grilled chicken, and threw it in with a whole bunch of colorful veggies.  It has been so tasty, I am not even tired of it yet (HJ gobbles it up too!).


Once I get back into the habit of eating like this, I will try different recipes.  Right now, I just wanted to focus on getting back on track.

What clean eating tips do you recommend?  Any go-to easy meal ideas?


2 Thoughts on “Clean Eating (sort-of)

  1. Meal prep is SO key when you’re trying to eat clean. The “egg muffins” are on of my favorite tips, for sure. A good, filling breakfast = key.

    In general (for me) having my veggies all prepped (washed, cut, etc.) at the beginning of the week helps a whole lot. Then they’re grab and go.

    If you’re looking for recipes, try PaleOMG – her stuff is SO good, and lots of good ingredients. My fav on her site, so far, is the Curry Meatballs. Also, this chicken nugget recipe is super tasty, and I bet the little man would like them too! I want to try baking them though, vs. frying. Though it’s in coconut oil (so not so bad for you) it’s a pain to cook them up, in my opinion:

    Good luck!!

    • on October 3, 2014 at 7:18 am said:

      I did cut a lot of the veggies in advance, so much easier!! Thanks for the tips, I will go check her site out 🙂

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