The mowing fiasco that took over Sunday morning made it so I didn’t even shower until 12:30.  I am one of those people who has to shower to start my day, so this was beyond irritating for me.  We finally had some time to relax and chill, which led to the slip-n-slide coming out.  I can not believe we had a slip-n-slide out the last weekend in September (I hope this Indian summer continues).

It was around this time I stabbed my finger with a pair of scissors.  And the dog puked up his lunch on the carpets I just shampoo-ed last weekend.  Oh, and I decided to take on the task of repainting the trim in my house.  I almost completed 2 rooms and decided, painting trim really sucks (I am hoping to do a room or two each weekend).

That evening, we went to my parent’s house for dinner.  I figured this would be our night winding down, but life had a few things in store for us.

When HJ and I got home, I opened our crawl space trap door to bring a few things down for storage.  Our crawl space is a concrete room, 6 feet deep.  The trap door is this huge section that pulls up and latches onto the wall behind it.  You have to latch it, because it is really heavy.  Without the latch it comes crashing down.  To get down to the crawl space, you have to use a ladder type thing that goes the whole 6 feet down.


Now that you have that visual…HJ and I were in the crawl space, when I suddenly hear a CRASH..  I look towards the entrance and notice that Tyson, the dog, is suddenly with us in the crawl space.  Not only is he with us, but he looks dazed and is limping.  Somehow, the 90 pound dog tripped/fell/jumped down the crawl space.  Something he has never done before.

I tried coaxing him up the stairs, but getting a 90 pound injured dog to climb a ladder is not an easy task.  I told HJ to go to the neighbors and let them know we need help.  HJ did exactly as he was told, only he seemed to portray that Tyson was extremely injured (the neighbors got there FAST).

One of them was able to lift Tyson up the stairs, and at first glance he seemed to be doing completely fine.  Then the excitement of being saved must have worn off, and I noticed his mouth was bleeding.  And he was hardly able to put weight on one of his front legs.

I called his vet, who offered to meet me at the clinic.  I said we would be fine until the next day, because it didn’t look like it was broken, just hurt.  That night, Tyson had trouble sleeping, he was whining and uncomfortable (so we both got a lot of sleep).

On Monday, I did take him to the vet.  He has a severe sprain, is slightly overweight, has an ear infection and had to have 2 shots.  And gets to go back in 2 weeks.

I also learned that due to Tyson’s pain meds and/or his wild day, he had crazy dog dreams and was snoring.  I kept waking up to his snores, or to him kicking the wall and whining and growling.

Luckily, our little pup is okay.  Between the pain meds, ear drops, and updated vaccines, he should be healthy for quite some time!

4 Thoughts on “Sunday Not-So-Funday

  1. Breenah A on October 1, 2014 at 6:33 am said:

    Oh my goodness! I really hope that this coming weekend is a ton less eventful. Glad the pup’s gonna be okay 🙂

  2. Oh man I’m sorry, I hate it when things keep escalating! That all sounds rough (or “ruff” in Tyson’s perspective?! bad pun). Hope the rest of the week has gone better so far!

    • on October 1, 2014 at 9:38 pm said:

      Definitely giggled at your pun. Tyson seems almost back to normal 🙂

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