You know those days where you wake up and the first thing you try to accomplish goes horribly, horribly wrong?  Yeah, that was my day.

I woke up, and went outside to get the mowing over with.  You may remember I recently started mowing.  It had become easier.  Until today.

To start with, my mower is from about 1985.  There have been quite a few improvement in mowers since then, but this one was free.  It shoots grass back at me, so I am always covered from thigh to tow in grass after I mow.  Also, it is heavy and hard to push.  My arms are usually sore for about 2-3 days after mowing.

So today…I start the mower by pulling the cord thingy about 20 times.  Yes, that’s how many times I have to yank it to get it started.  It goes about 4 feet, and dies.  I do this about 10 more times and then start pouting.

My neighbor suggested the grass was too wet, so we had a coffee break.  An hour later, I tried again.  It keeps dying.  Unless I hold it at an angle.  An angle that makes it so I literally have to lean all of my body weight into it to move it.  I am dripping in sweat within minutes.  And the grass was totally dry by this point.  And yes, I checked the gas and the oil.

Also, it is still dying every 10 feet or so.

I am pulling the cord to get it started for the 23rd time, and the cord breaks.  It snaps.  So I tie it in a knot, and pull it again.  It gets started, goes a bit and dies again.  This is when I notice it is smoking.  And I can see a burn mark on the side.  So I flip it over to make sure it isn’t on fire and run to the front yard in case it decides to explode.

Then I borrowed my neighbors mower.  And oh holy cow, it was a breeze.  It was still a push mower, but apparently newer models are much easier on the arms and back.  And a ton lighter.  And it started without having to pull the cord more then 3 times!  I no longer felt like I was pushing a tank around the yard and finished in record speed.

But have no fear, my dad and a neighbor were able to fix the tank, so it should be ready for me to use it again.  Woohoo.

*This post was going to be a update on the hole day, but I didn’t realize how long the first few hours would turn into when I started typing.*

One Thought on “Adventures in Mowing

  1. Breenah A on September 30, 2014 at 7:08 pm said:

    I loved mowing as a teen because it was an hour or so that I could just put on my Walkman then Discman (laughing at that) and not have my siblings bugging me. But now we’re living in a house with a LOT of yard and my dad just got a new super mower (it looks like a farm tool, seriously) so he does it.

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