I love eagerly waiting a stitch fix package in the mail.  It’s sort of like waiting for a gift.  Whenever I come how to the stitch fix box on my doorstep, I get a little giddy.  This month, my fix had a few duds, but also a few “loves”.

If you aren’t sure what Stitch Fix is, here is some info:

Stitch Fix is like having your own personal shopper.  When you register, you go through a style profile, picking items you like and don’t like.  You go over things like “I like to show off my…” and “dislike to show my…”.  They ask your sizes, height and weight.  They also ask for things like your pinterest account, instagram, twitter, blogs, etc. so they can see what you like to wear.  Then comes the fun part, you get to schedule a “fix”.  You can schedule monthly fixes or just on an “as needed” basis and you can go in and set a date.  You can also request certain things like, “I have a wedding coming up, please send a few dresses”.

This month, I could tell they made a transition to fall.  There were lots of deep, rich colors.  After my last fix, I asked for more color.  I have to many black, white and grey items in my closet and need to brighten it up a bit.  First off, here are the “no’s”…


One of these days, I will invest in a clicker so I don’t have to hold the phone up.  Is there such a thing for the phone?

First no in the upper left corner…Geoffery Tile Print Bib Tab-Sleeve Blouse, $68.  I pulled this out of the box, and said, “ew”.  But I gave it a shot.  I tried it on, and ew.  I don’t get it. It looks like the pieces shouldn’t go together and I am wearing a bib.  Just no.

In the upper right corner, Fulton V-Neck Short Sleeve Knit Shirt in navy, $68.  My feelings on this…”ehh”.  It’s plain and blah.  Not overly flattering, not hideous.  Had this top been under $30, I would have considered.  But almost $70 for a blah, underwhelming top, is way out of my league.

Bottom Left top is the Astair Abstract Stripe Front Pocket Blouse, $48.  I liked the rich colors in this top, and thought it would be cute paired with a blazer.  But again, I didn’t put it on and think, “OMG! LOVE!”.  More of a, “ehh”.

The jeans on the bottom right are Kensie Distressed Skinny Jeans, $88.  I actually really liked these.  The same pair was sent in my last fix and I requested it again in a different size.  And although I really like these, and how they fit, I also think I can find a similar pair elsewhere (and I really wanted to keep a different item).

Now, onto the yes…

PicMonkey Collage

Market and Spruce Alan Cowl Neck Asymmetrical Cardigan, $58.  A few weeks back, I pinned this top.  I kept coming across other people who had received and loved it, and really liked the casual and effortless vibe it gave.  I may have given a little squeal when I pulled it out of the box, and discovered it in one of my favorite colors.  Olive!  I have always liked clothing in this color, especially for fall and winter.  I think this top paired with jeans and brown boots will look awesome.  Plus, if I leave the cardigan unzipped, it gives the top a totally different look.

What do you think about my fix?  Would you have kept something different?

Have you tried Stitch Fix out?  I have so much fun doing it.  If you want to try it out I would love for you to use my referral link (it gives me $25 in my stitch fix account and costs nothing for you!).

2 Thoughts on “September Stitch Fix

  1. Breenah A on September 25, 2014 at 6:42 am said:

    I want that cardigan, it’s super cute!

  2. Love the olive top, its definitely the only one I would have kept. I don’t use stitch fix as I’m pretty particular about what my closet needs at this point.

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