This past weekend, I attended my first bloggers meet-up.  I figured, after blogging for over 3 and a half years, it was about time to take it public.  I was a little nervous, because the other girls knew each other.  I didn’t technically “know” anyone, just through blogs.

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But guess what?  It was a frikken blast, and I absolutely love these ladies.

I first met up with everyone at Mullets in Des Moines.  I started with a bloody mary, because I always like to start with a vegetable.  For my meal, I ordered the Wakiki Pizza.  This is officially my favorite pizza.  Seriously, go there and get it.

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The Wakiki pizza has a sweet chili sauce with pineapple, bacon, Canadian bacon and mozzarella.  After I put in my order, our server said, “Do you want cream cheese on it?”.  I thought it sounded weird, but figured cream cheese seems fabulous on everything else, and said, “Yes PLEASE”.  BEST DECISION.  It was amazing.  It was so good, I insisted all of the strangers/new friends I was with tried it as well.

After Mullets, we went to Jasper Winery for a fabulous little wine tasting.  We sat outside in the sun, sipping various wines and chatting.  I personally am a red wine drinker, while Mollie who sat next to me prefers sweet whites.  So, we did a lot of swapping.  There were a few bottles I would have loved to of come home with, but settled on the Behind the Shed Red.

While at the winery, I learned that “harvest season” means that the building the wine is stored in smells very sulfur-y.  Although it was beautifully set for a wedding that evening, the rotten egg smell was slightly off-setting.  Keep that in mind if you are ever having an event at a winery…make sure it’s not harvest time!

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After the winery, we hit up  new bar on Ingersoll (that I can’t find a website for).  After sipping on a drink and watching the Iowa-Iowa State game, we all decided that coffee and cupcakes sounded way more appealing.  I grabbed a quick iced-coffee at Zanzibar and a cake truffle (maple bacon!) at Crème Cupcake.

A quick clean up, and we headed to Bar Louie for dinner and drinks.  They had amazing mojitos with fresh mint and real sugar cane, yum.  For my main course, I split 2 entrees with Traci.  We had bacon macaroni and cheese and an Ahi Tuna sandwich.  The sandwich was melt in your mouth delicious, and the mac and cheese was as fabulous as it sounds, but we had lots left over.

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We finished up the night by heading to a few bars.  And yes, I was the first one to call it a night.

The next morning, we met at the Machine Shed for brunch.  I had to head out before we could get seated, but it was still nice to see everyone before I hit the road.

These wonderful ladies made my first “blend” experience so much fun.  I hope I am able to keep in touch with each and every one of them!  You should go meet them for yourself…

Mollie was the lovely host of the event, and I love reading about her and her cute little girl.

Katie was my car buddy as we car hopped.  She filled me in on her amazing 50 States in a Year journey, and I can’t wait to read all about her adventures.  She is in the process of searching for an RV if you know of any (it would be to help them do charity events across the country)!

Alex and I had never met, but our grandmas our friends.  They actually have lived on the same street since 1950-something.  Small world :).  Hopefully I can catch up with her the next time she comes to visit her grandma!

Katie teaches yoga, which is something I have been wanting to get into.  Plus, she liked the same wines as me, which means she has excellent taste.

Emily reminded me of one of my best friends.  Especially when the lady taking our photo asked her to stand in the middle because she is so tall.

Traci just bought a house and needs to get the internet so she can start blogging again.  She has super cute room makeovers, and just bought an old house.  Although, I think she is becoming the neighborhood cat lady :).

Amanda has amazing looking recipes on her blog, with tons of fitness tips.  Maybe she can help me get back on track!

8 Thoughts on “Des Moines Blend Recap

  1. It was so good to meet you! Sorry I ate all your nuts. Girlfrand was HUNGRY! I will have to bring some for you next time we hang out! 😉 Cute blog btw! I was blog stalking you and Traci when I got home Sunday haha.

  2. I love love LOVED getting to meet you! You are an absolute sweetheart! (And quite honestly, if I was driving myself, I probably would have called it a night before you…just call me grandma!) 😉

  3. Haha we do have excellent taste! Also, I had a bite of your pizza when it made its way over to my table. So delicious.

  4. I am working on getting the internet – I found an open connection that seems to work well for my phone, I’ll have to see if I can get my iPad hooked up…or just break down and get the internets installed by a professional. As for the cats, well, I should update everyone on that. I will blog about it 🙂

    So happy to have met you and the rest of the girls – we must get together soon!

  5. Was nice to meet you Kristin! Would love to get a drink next time I’m in CF 🙂

  6. So glad you had fun! It was great to finally meet you after a few years of conversing just online. Can’t wait to get together again!!

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