I recently stumbled upon my summer bucket list.  A list that I had so much fun writing.  A list that seemed so simple, because I wanted to complete these items.  Now that summer is over, I have to admit…I FAILED.  Big time.  Let me recap my failures for you…

1. Go to the pool as much as we can.  We actually got a pool pass this summer, which means we have to go 16 times to make it worth the money (why in the world does a family of 2 cost the same as a family of 5??).

I did this one!  HJ and I did go to the pool a lot.  He became an amazing swimmer, and can even dive off the board now.  Crazy little kid.

2. Go puddle jumping.

We did this one too!  Off to a good start, huh?

3. Shop at Farmer’s Market.

For the past 5 summers, farmer’s markets have been my thing.  Loved going to them and strolling around.  This year, I haven’t been to one.  In my efforts of saving money, my usual routine of iced coffee and breakfast while strolling the stands with HJ didn’t happen.  Plus, I also ran every Saturday morning until my foot injury.

4. Hit up Live to 9. We went numerous times in the past, and always have a blast.

Last summer, I didn’t miss one of these.  This summer?  We didn’t make it to one.  I don’t have a good reason, just fell on nights that didn’t work for us.

5.  Go to Movies Under the Moon.  I love that our little city has such cute things like this.

Whoops.  Missed this one too.  I know HJ would have really enjoyed this, but I dreaded the late bed time it would have caused him.

6. Take a road trip and find this waterfall.

A neighbor and I actually had this plan in the works, but trying to find a corresponding weekend was tough.  I also heard that this is cooler when the ice caves are still formed, so early next summer might be best.

7. Adult night out at Sturgis Falls.  Live music, friends and trying to avoid port-a-potties!

Well, at least I was able to avoid port-a-potties.  The adult night out did not happen.

8. Spend an afternoon at the arboretum.

That would have been a great idea.  I clearly lack execution.

9. Have a park to park bike trip with picnic.

We half-way did this one.  We rode the bike to parks and had picnics, just not park-to-park.  I think the list-maker me was way more motivated then list-executioner me.

10. Do a bit of landscaping in our backyard.

I did!  I did!  It was super little, but my goal clearly said “a bit”.  It said nothing about a whole backyard make-over.

photo (107)

11. Lay on a beach.  I understand Midwest lakes are a bit less exciting than the ocean, but at least I won’t kick a shark.

I don’t think I laid on the beach, but I did sit on one.  I will count this as a win.


The next time I think it is a good idea to make a bucket list, I will need to actually work on completing things.  Or, you know, just not pretend to be motivated in the first place.


6 Thoughts on “Reasons I am a Failure

  1. Breenah A on September 16, 2014 at 6:59 am said:

    Did you have a good summer, at least? If so, it doesn’t matter if the good came from your list or not. Although, some of those things sound fun so start planning now for next summer 😉

  2. I’m awful at the seasonal to-do lists, but HJ jumping in the pool is so cute!

  3. I wouldn’t call you a failure, you accomplished some of the things. Try, try again 🙂

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