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Today is my grandparent’s 66th Wedding Anniversary.

66 years.

When my sister got married 14 years ago, the DJ had all the couples come out to the dance floor.  He was looking for the couple that had been married the longest to give them wedding advice.  It was my grandparents.  14 years ago.

Now they have been married 66 years.

I grew up with my grandparents living close by.  Now, HJ and I live even closer.  HJ is even named after my grandpa, Harry.

Last night, HJ and I went to their house with a special ice cream treat topped in sprinkles and fudge.  They weren’t home.  Naturally they were at a party of some sort.  So we left their treat in the freezer with a note.  They got back home at 11:30, and enjoyed their bowl of ice cream.

Tonight, my parents, HJ and myself got to celebrate over dinner.  I love that HJ has become so close to his gramps and grams, and hope he cherishes these special moments.

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