August: Back on Track

July: Get a Budget

June: Stay Unplugged

May: Run a 5K

April: Beautiful Nails

March: Get Organized

February: Picture Projects

January: Get Healthy


Remember my friend Courtney who helped me with January’s resolution?  We are back at it.

September: 100 Mile Challenge

Courtney and I have decided that we are committed to completing 100 miles of physical activity before she comes to visit me on October 18th.  After doing the math, we decided October 18th was a much more feasible date to complete 100 miles than September 30th (that would have been over 3 miles a day!).

We added in a few variations.  One hour of working out equals two miles.  Miles can be completed via walking, running or biking.  And yes, I know that biking is hella easier than running, but I can’t run yet.  Tonight, I actually thought I would try running a block, just to see how it felt.  The result was a shooting pain throughout my calf.  This led me to hopping on the bike, loading HJ in the trailer and biking two quick miles.

In addition, we also both want to lose 5 pounds before the October 18th date.  To help us keep tabs on what we are doing and our mileage countdown, we started a private facebook group.  Currently, I have 94 miles left and Courtney has 93.

Bring it on September.

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