I think I have finally mastered what items to splurge on and what items to save on when it comes to my wardrobe.  I went through phases where I only bought expensive, name brand items, and times where I went the cheap route on everything.  Here is what I learned…

Handbags: You get what you pay for.  I have bought inexpensive handbags, only to have to replace it every 6 months or so.  Spending $30 every 6 months doesn’t seem like a lot, but this is one of those items where splurging can save you in the long run.  Three years ago, I bought a Michael Kors handbag for my “every day” bag.  It still looks fine.  I carried this bag from about September-May for 3 years now.  It was $198, but with how it has held up, it was totally worth it.  Here is a similar bag via Shopbop (FREE SHIPPING!).

Leggings: Steal.  I paid a bit more a time or two, and didn’t notice any difference.  I prefer fleece lined, since I live in Iowa…it gets chilly.  Groopdealz sells fleece lined leggings in numerous colors.  For $6.99.


Jeans: Splurge.  I have always had a thing for high quality jeans.  After having HJ, I cut these out of my budget.  I bought a few less expensive brands, and they lasted less than a year.  I had a pair of sevens that  lasted 11 years.  When they bit the dust, I was okay with it.  I usually get Joe’s, because they always fit me great.  I have had a pair since 2008 that I still wear a lot.  I wear jeans everyday for work, so I know that I need a quality pair that I can wear for a long time.

Tops: Steal.  I rarely will splurge on a top, unless it is for something special.  Everyday tops, I need a good deal on.  Styles come and go so quickly, that I hate spending $80 on top to despise it the following year (looking at you chevron print).  I currently live in my boyfriend tees from Groopdealz, which were $6.  They also have dressier tops that would be fun for a night out.  The one pictured below is only $10.99!


Jewelery: Splurge and Steal.  I know, I seem indecisive here.  I have a few pieces I wear daily.  These are splurges, sort of.  They were actually all gifts.  I have a ring that is a light blue gemstone in white gold on one hand.  The other hand has my great-grandmother’s wedding band.  I wear a “Harrison” necklace.  I feel that if it is a meaningful piece of jewelry, splurging is expected.  I like simple things for everyday.

If I need a necklace to go with a top, I prefer inexpensive pieces.  Like this cute bubble necklace for $4.99.


What items do you splurge on?  Where do you prefer to find great deals?

One Thought on “Splurge vs. Steal

  1. I agree with all of these! I also add that I like to steal & splurge on my shoes. For flats I steal and usually go with a cheap pair so u can get a few in different colors and styles that I wear to work daily. Then I usually splurge on a good pair of leather boots. I bought a really nice pair of brown riding style leather boots for $200 that I love and I definitely got my money’s worth wearing them! I’ve had them for a couple years now and I wear them out in the colder months. I just always spray them with a leather protector so they don’t wear down as much!

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