The mowing fiasco that took over Sunday morning made it so I didn’t even shower until 12:30.  I am one of those people who has to shower to start my day, so this was beyond irritating for me.  We finally had some time to relax and chill, which led to the slip-n-slide coming out.  I can not believe we had a slip-n-slide out the last weekend in September (I hope this Indian summer continues).

It was around this time I stabbed my finger with a pair of scissors.  And the dog puked up his lunch on the carpets I just shampoo-ed last weekend.  Oh, and I decided to take on the task of repainting the trim in my house.  I almost completed 2 rooms and decided, painting trim really sucks (I am hoping to do a room or two each weekend).

That evening, we went to my parent’s house for dinner.  I figured this would be our night winding down, but life had a few things in store for us.

When HJ and I got home, I opened our crawl space trap door to bring a few things down for storage.  Our crawl space is a concrete room, 6 feet deep.  The trap door is this huge section that pulls up and latches onto the wall behind it.  You have to latch it, because it is really heavy.  Without the latch it comes crashing down.  To get down to the crawl space, you have to use a ladder type thing that goes the whole 6 feet down.


Now that you have that visual…HJ and I were in the crawl space, when I suddenly hear a CRASH..  I look towards the entrance and notice that Tyson, the dog, is suddenly with us in the crawl space.  Not only is he with us, but he looks dazed and is limping.  Somehow, the 90 pound dog tripped/fell/jumped down the crawl space.  Something he has never done before.

I tried coaxing him up the stairs, but getting a 90 pound injured dog to climb a ladder is not an easy task.  I told HJ to go to the neighbors and let them know we need help.  HJ did exactly as he was told, only he seemed to portray that Tyson was extremely injured (the neighbors got there FAST).

One of them was able to lift Tyson up the stairs, and at first glance he seemed to be doing completely fine.  Then the excitement of being saved must have worn off, and I noticed his mouth was bleeding.  And he was hardly able to put weight on one of his front legs.

I called his vet, who offered to meet me at the clinic.  I said we would be fine until the next day, because it didn’t look like it was broken, just hurt.  That night, Tyson had trouble sleeping, he was whining and uncomfortable (so we both got a lot of sleep).

On Monday, I did take him to the vet.  He has a severe sprain, is slightly overweight, has an ear infection and had to have 2 shots.  And gets to go back in 2 weeks.

I also learned that due to Tyson’s pain meds and/or his wild day, he had crazy dog dreams and was snoring.  I kept waking up to his snores, or to him kicking the wall and whining and growling.

Luckily, our little pup is okay.  Between the pain meds, ear drops, and updated vaccines, he should be healthy for quite some time!

You know those days where you wake up and the first thing you try to accomplish goes horribly, horribly wrong?  Yeah, that was my day.

I woke up, and went outside to get the mowing over with.  You may remember I recently started mowing.  It had become easier.  Until today.

To start with, my mower is from about 1985.  There have been quite a few improvement in mowers since then, but this one was free.  It shoots grass back at me, so I am always covered from thigh to tow in grass after I mow.  Also, it is heavy and hard to push.  My arms are usually sore for about 2-3 days after mowing.

So today…I start the mower by pulling the cord thingy about 20 times.  Yes, that’s how many times I have to yank it to get it started.  It goes about 4 feet, and dies.  I do this about 10 more times and then start pouting.

My neighbor suggested the grass was too wet, so we had a coffee break.  An hour later, I tried again.  It keeps dying.  Unless I hold it at an angle.  An angle that makes it so I literally have to lean all of my body weight into it to move it.  I am dripping in sweat within minutes.  And the grass was totally dry by this point.  And yes, I checked the gas and the oil.

Also, it is still dying every 10 feet or so.

I am pulling the cord to get it started for the 23rd time, and the cord breaks.  It snaps.  So I tie it in a knot, and pull it again.  It gets started, goes a bit and dies again.  This is when I notice it is smoking.  And I can see a burn mark on the side.  So I flip it over to make sure it isn’t on fire and run to the front yard in case it decides to explode.

Then I borrowed my neighbors mower.  And oh holy cow, it was a breeze.  It was still a push mower, but apparently newer models are much easier on the arms and back.  And a ton lighter.  And it started without having to pull the cord more then 3 times!  I no longer felt like I was pushing a tank around the yard and finished in record speed.

But have no fear, my dad and a neighbor were able to fix the tank, so it should be ready for me to use it again.  Woohoo.

*This post was going to be a update on the hole day, but I didn’t realize how long the first few hours would turn into when I started typing.*

I love eagerly waiting a stitch fix package in the mail.  It’s sort of like waiting for a gift.  Whenever I come how to the stitch fix box on my doorstep, I get a little giddy.  This month, my fix had a few duds, but also a few “loves”.

If you aren’t sure what Stitch Fix is, here is some info:

Stitch Fix is like having your own personal shopper.  When you register, you go through a style profile, picking items you like and don’t like.  You go over things like “I like to show off my…” and “dislike to show my…”.  They ask your sizes, height and weight.  They also ask for things like your pinterest account, instagram, twitter, blogs, etc. so they can see what you like to wear.  Then comes the fun part, you get to schedule a “fix”.  You can schedule monthly fixes or just on an “as needed” basis and you can go in and set a date.  You can also request certain things like, “I have a wedding coming up, please send a few dresses”.

This month, I could tell they made a transition to fall.  There were lots of deep, rich colors.  After my last fix, I asked for more color.  I have to many black, white and grey items in my closet and need to brighten it up a bit.  First off, here are the “no’s”…


One of these days, I will invest in a clicker so I don’t have to hold the phone up.  Is there such a thing for the phone?

First no in the upper left corner…Geoffery Tile Print Bib Tab-Sleeve Blouse, $68.  I pulled this out of the box, and said, “ew”.  But I gave it a shot.  I tried it on, and ew.  I don’t get it. It looks like the pieces shouldn’t go together and I am wearing a bib.  Just no.

In the upper right corner, Fulton V-Neck Short Sleeve Knit Shirt in navy, $68.  My feelings on this…”ehh”.  It’s plain and blah.  Not overly flattering, not hideous.  Had this top been under $30, I would have considered.  But almost $70 for a blah, underwhelming top, is way out of my league.

Bottom Left top is the Astair Abstract Stripe Front Pocket Blouse, $48.  I liked the rich colors in this top, and thought it would be cute paired with a blazer.  But again, I didn’t put it on and think, “OMG! LOVE!”.  More of a, “ehh”.

The jeans on the bottom right are Kensie Distressed Skinny Jeans, $88.  I actually really liked these.  The same pair was sent in my last fix and I requested it again in a different size.  And although I really like these, and how they fit, I also think I can find a similar pair elsewhere (and I really wanted to keep a different item).

Now, onto the yes…

PicMonkey Collage

Market and Spruce Alan Cowl Neck Asymmetrical Cardigan, $58.  A few weeks back, I pinned this top.  I kept coming across other people who had received and loved it, and really liked the casual and effortless vibe it gave.  I may have given a little squeal when I pulled it out of the box, and discovered it in one of my favorite colors.  Olive!  I have always liked clothing in this color, especially for fall and winter.  I think this top paired with jeans and brown boots will look awesome.  Plus, if I leave the cardigan unzipped, it gives the top a totally different look.

What do you think about my fix?  Would you have kept something different?

Have you tried Stitch Fix out?  I have so much fun doing it.  If you want to try it out I would love for you to use my referral link (it gives me $25 in my stitch fix account and costs nothing for you!).

photo (125)

It’s been a while since I have done a recipe post.  Mostly, because I forget about taking pictures until I have consumed most of it.  Partly, because summer=grilling.

However, now that it is cooling down a bit, I have a few to start sharing with you.  Our dinner tonight was pre-made a few months ago.  Tonight, I just had to thaw it, cook some egg noodles and serve it up.  Dinner made in 10 minutes is my favorite kind.

beef stroganoff card

Even HJ ate this one up, which is a good thing…left overs are tomorrow’s dinner!


This past weekend, I attended my first bloggers meet-up.  I figured, after blogging for over 3 and a half years, it was about time to take it public.  I was a little nervous, because the other girls knew each other.  I didn’t technically “know” anyone, just through blogs.

photo (122)

But guess what?  It was a frikken blast, and I absolutely love these ladies.

I first met up with everyone at Mullets in Des Moines.  I started with a bloody mary, because I always like to start with a vegetable.  For my meal, I ordered the Wakiki Pizza.  This is officially my favorite pizza.  Seriously, go there and get it.

photo (121)

The Wakiki pizza has a sweet chili sauce with pineapple, bacon, Canadian bacon and mozzarella.  After I put in my order, our server said, “Do you want cream cheese on it?”.  I thought it sounded weird, but figured cream cheese seems fabulous on everything else, and said, “Yes PLEASE”.  BEST DECISION.  It was amazing.  It was so good, I insisted all of the strangers/new friends I was with tried it as well.

After Mullets, we went to Jasper Winery for a fabulous little wine tasting.  We sat outside in the sun, sipping various wines and chatting.  I personally am a red wine drinker, while Mollie who sat next to me prefers sweet whites.  So, we did a lot of swapping.  There were a few bottles I would have loved to of come home with, but settled on the Behind the Shed Red.

While at the winery, I learned that “harvest season” means that the building the wine is stored in smells very sulfur-y.  Although it was beautifully set for a wedding that evening, the rotten egg smell was slightly off-setting.  Keep that in mind if you are ever having an event at a winery…make sure it’s not harvest time!

photo (123)

After the winery, we hit up  new bar on Ingersoll (that I can’t find a website for).  After sipping on a drink and watching the Iowa-Iowa State game, we all decided that coffee and cupcakes sounded way more appealing.  I grabbed a quick iced-coffee at Zanzibar and a cake truffle (maple bacon!) at Crème Cupcake.

A quick clean up, and we headed to Bar Louie for dinner and drinks.  They had amazing mojitos with fresh mint and real sugar cane, yum.  For my main course, I split 2 entrees with Traci.  We had bacon macaroni and cheese and an Ahi Tuna sandwich.  The sandwich was melt in your mouth delicious, and the mac and cheese was as fabulous as it sounds, but we had lots left over.

photo (124)

We finished up the night by heading to a few bars.  And yes, I was the first one to call it a night.

The next morning, we met at the Machine Shed for brunch.  I had to head out before we could get seated, but it was still nice to see everyone before I hit the road.

These wonderful ladies made my first “blend” experience so much fun.  I hope I am able to keep in touch with each and every one of them!  You should go meet them for yourself…

Mollie was the lovely host of the event, and I love reading about her and her cute little girl.

Katie was my car buddy as we car hopped.  She filled me in on her amazing 50 States in a Year journey, and I can’t wait to read all about her adventures.  She is in the process of searching for an RV if you know of any (it would be to help them do charity events across the country)!

Alex and I had never met, but our grandmas our friends.  They actually have lived on the same street since 1950-something.  Small world :).  Hopefully I can catch up with her the next time she comes to visit her grandma!

Katie teaches yoga, which is something I have been wanting to get into.  Plus, she liked the same wines as me, which means she has excellent taste.

Emily reminded me of one of my best friends.  Especially when the lady taking our photo asked her to stand in the middle because she is so tall.

Traci just bought a house and needs to get the internet so she can start blogging again.  She has super cute room makeovers, and just bought an old house.  Although, I think she is becoming the neighborhood cat lady :).

Amanda has amazing looking recipes on her blog, with tons of fitness tips.  Maybe she can help me get back on track!

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I recently stumbled upon my summer bucket list.  A list that I had so much fun writing.  A list that seemed so simple, because I wanted to complete these items.  Now that summer is over, I have to admit…I FAILED.  Big time.  Let me recap my failures for you…

1. Go to the pool as much as we can.  We actually got a pool pass this summer, which means we have to go 16 times to make it worth the money (why in the world does a family of 2 cost the same as a family of 5??).

I did this one!  HJ and I did go to the pool a lot.  He became an amazing swimmer, and can even dive off the board now.  Crazy little kid.

2. Go puddle jumping.

We did this one too!  Off to a good start, huh?

3. Shop at Farmer’s Market.

For the past 5 summers, farmer’s markets have been my thing.  Loved going to them and strolling around.  This year, I haven’t been to one.  In my efforts of saving money, my usual routine of iced coffee and breakfast while strolling the stands with HJ didn’t happen.  Plus, I also ran every Saturday morning until my foot injury.

4. Hit up Live to 9. We went numerous times in the past, and always have a blast.

Last summer, I didn’t miss one of these.  This summer?  We didn’t make it to one.  I don’t have a good reason, just fell on nights that didn’t work for us.

5.  Go to Movies Under the Moon.  I love that our little city has such cute things like this.

Whoops.  Missed this one too.  I know HJ would have really enjoyed this, but I dreaded the late bed time it would have caused him.

6. Take a road trip and find this waterfall.

A neighbor and I actually had this plan in the works, but trying to find a corresponding weekend was tough.  I also heard that this is cooler when the ice caves are still formed, so early next summer might be best.

7. Adult night out at Sturgis Falls.  Live music, friends and trying to avoid port-a-potties!

Well, at least I was able to avoid port-a-potties.  The adult night out did not happen.

8. Spend an afternoon at the arboretum.

That would have been a great idea.  I clearly lack execution.

9. Have a park to park bike trip with picnic.

We half-way did this one.  We rode the bike to parks and had picnics, just not park-to-park.  I think the list-maker me was way more motivated then list-executioner me.

10. Do a bit of landscaping in our backyard.

I did!  I did!  It was super little, but my goal clearly said “a bit”.  It said nothing about a whole backyard make-over.

photo (107)

11. Lay on a beach.  I understand Midwest lakes are a bit less exciting than the ocean, but at least I won’t kick a shark.

I don’t think I laid on the beach, but I did sit on one.  I will count this as a win.


The next time I think it is a good idea to make a bucket list, I will need to actually work on completing things.  Or, you know, just not pretend to be motivated in the first place.


photo (120)

Today is my grandparent’s 66th Wedding Anniversary.

66 years.

When my sister got married 14 years ago, the DJ had all the couples come out to the dance floor.  He was looking for the couple that had been married the longest to give them wedding advice.  It was my grandparents.  14 years ago.

Now they have been married 66 years.

I grew up with my grandparents living close by.  Now, HJ and I live even closer.  HJ is even named after my grandpa, Harry.

Last night, HJ and I went to their house with a special ice cream treat topped in sprinkles and fudge.  They weren’t home.  Naturally they were at a party of some sort.  So we left their treat in the freezer with a note.  They got back home at 11:30, and enjoyed their bowl of ice cream.

Tonight, my parents, HJ and myself got to celebrate over dinner.  I love that HJ has become so close to his gramps and grams, and hope he cherishes these special moments.

A year ago, I woke up excited.  I had just left my job, and had a few days off before starting my new one.  I planned on spending those days having so much fun with my boy.  The day was going to be unseasonably warm, and we had plans with a slip-n-slide.  However, when he woke up, our plans changed.

He couldn’t walk.  You may have read about it, but if not, here’s the links to Part One, Part Two and Part Three.  I feel incredibly lucky and blessed that all it was, was a scare.  However, it has definitely changed me.

Since then, I have had incredible anxiety over my little guy.  I do ok, until something/anything goes wrong.

This past weekend, I picked him up from to start our weekend.  Only, our weekend started by heading to the Urgent Care Clinic.  We ended up at the Urgent Care that we first went to last September.  Not only that, we ended up in the same examination room with the same doctor.

The last time I sat in that room listening to him, I was in tears.  He was telling me there was something on the x-ray and I needed to take him for more tests.  I remember the doctor being kind.  He offered to call HJ’s pediatrician right away.

But still.  Being back in that room last Friday brought back so many emotions of that day.  I was so worried that he has going to tell me something was wrong with HJ.  Instead, he told me to get some Benadryl.

This week, we have HJ’s follow-up at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.  We have had a number of appointments, but this is the longest we have gone since seeing the orthopedic.  I know we will go, HJ will have an x-ray, and we will have a short appointment with the doctor.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.  There is no reason to be.  I know that.  Every appointment, the doctor tells me it is nothing.  It is just a cyst.  But I can’t help but wish it would just disappear.

August: Back on Track

July: Get a Budget

June: Stay Unplugged

May: Run a 5K

April: Beautiful Nails

March: Get Organized

February: Picture Projects

January: Get Healthy


Remember my friend Courtney who helped me with January’s resolution?  We are back at it.

September: 100 Mile Challenge

Courtney and I have decided that we are committed to completing 100 miles of physical activity before she comes to visit me on October 18th.  After doing the math, we decided October 18th was a much more feasible date to complete 100 miles than September 30th (that would have been over 3 miles a day!).

We added in a few variations.  One hour of working out equals two miles.  Miles can be completed via walking, running or biking.  And yes, I know that biking is hella easier than running, but I can’t run yet.  Tonight, I actually thought I would try running a block, just to see how it felt.  The result was a shooting pain throughout my calf.  This led me to hopping on the bike, loading HJ in the trailer and biking two quick miles.

In addition, we also both want to lose 5 pounds before the October 18th date.  To help us keep tabs on what we are doing and our mileage countdown, we started a private facebook group.  Currently, I have 94 miles left and Courtney has 93.

Bring it on September.