Alright August, way to make me feel like a gigantic failure.

That’s right.  I started August with full intentions of being healthy in all aspects of my life.  Eating healthy, amping up my workouts, etc.

And then, I injured my foot.  Or calf.  As of this past Thursday, I was officially given the “go-ahead” but the doctor to start small work outs again.  Meaning, biking is ok.  Walks are not as good, and running is out completely.  Basically, I went a whole week in August with being able to work-out.  This also means, once I became injured I felt sorry for myself and indulged in lots of sweets.  Chocolate made my foot feel better.  I even let myself have ice cream in the fridge, which is just dangerous.

Needless to say, I failed at getting back on track.  I failed miserably.  And, it shows.  I am really missing my work-outs, and need to find something low impact until I am back to 100%.  I am not sure at all when I will be back to running, but I am hoping I can gradually work back up to that.

My other half of the goal was to focus on my budget.  This side was not a failure, I actually did really well at this part.  It is just frustrating, because getting out of debt is not an immediate fix.  It is going to take me months and months to feel in control, and I am one of those people that likes to see immediate results.  I think the only way to manage that is to win the lottery.

Anyone have low impact work outs they recommend?  Or want to make me an instant millionaire?

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