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My child has quite the imagination.  This weekend, he changed into a dog. A one-year-old puppy named Tyson (which is very confusing for a 9-year-old dog who is named Tyson in the house).  So, this weekend, we have had a house with 2 Tysons.  The new puppy (HJ), was slightly demanding, and quite bark-y.

For one, he required a water bowl in the kitchen.  The water bowl also needed ice refreshed every so often.  He likes snacks in his food bowl, but instead of scooping dog food into a bowl, he liked blueberries or strawberries.  He also preferred if you made him do a trick before every bite.  Tyson/HJ is very good at rolling over, shaking and running.  Not so good at taking a nap.

Tyson/HJ could also speak, mostly in various tones of barking, but all had very different meanings (usually translated through hand signals).  Tyson/HJ also crawled on all four most of today, and as I type he is insisting on sleeping in a dog bed on my floor (I have made him crawl back into bed 3 times already, but he keeps whining and crawling out to his water bowl).

He went through a phase like this a year ago too.  While having two dogs is fun, I really miss my little 4-year-old boy!


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