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It has been one of those weeks.  One where I am feeling overwhelmed, and ready to burst into tears at the next possible turn.

Monday is when it started.  I had to go to court for a child support hearing.  I know I have stayed silent the last few months on everything that was going on, but there really hasn’t been anything new.  Over a year ago is when the child support adjustment came out, and this week is when it was finally settled.  It took 16 months.  Gotta love the legal system.  And, if I were to guess, I still won’t get paid child support but I now have a pretty hefty lawyer bill.

I went for a run Monday night.  I hadn’t run since the previous Wednesday.  My leg had been bothering me and I thought it would be good to take a few days off. (This story seems slightly irrelevant right now, but it comes in play again a few days later)

Tuesday was a slightly hectic day at work, I had a lot to do.  I have felt slightly overwhelmed at all of my tasks lately due to us being short-staffed and still not feeling totally comfortable in the role.

That night, HJ and I were at a neighbor’s house.  One of the boys and HJ were playing with a hose.  HJ was running away from him, facing backwards.  He started getting too close to the window well and the other mom and I were yelling at him to stop.  But he was laughing and shouting.  And he fell.  Backwards, down the window well of an egress window.

My heart was beating out my chest.  It took me all of 2 seconds to get to that window, but it felt like an eternity.  I was so scared I would see him laying there injured.  Luckily, he was standing up screaming and trying to get out.  I picked him up and we made him show us he could move everything.  He was completely fine.  Not even a scrape…just dirty.

When I ran into action, I jumped so fast, my shoes flew off.

That night, I went to bed.  I kept waking up thinking my foot was hurting.  When I finally got up for the day, I could hardly walk on it.  It was painful.  I didn’t notice it looking different until I tried putting on shoes.  I could squeeze a few pairs on, my foot was too swollen.

The nurse at work looked at it and gave me some ice.  Thought the day it became more swollen and painful.  I figured I would give it another day to see if it got better.


Today, I went to the doctor.  She gave me some exercises to do, she thinks I injured my calf somehow and it has spread down to my foot.

No running for at least 2 weeks.  That is when I have a follow-up to see if I need physical therapy.

Which means, no August 5K.

And struggling to keep my weight off.

Also, today I opened my salad and fruit for lunch only to discover mold had grown on the fruit overnight (I always pack a few salads at once to save time…never had this problem).  This caused me to spend money at the vending machine to get unhealthy food for lunch (damn you budget and healthy eating goal!).

Thank goodness for Friday.

One Thought on “This Week

  1. Friend! When it rains it pours!!!! Have a glass of wine tonight and try to take it easy! Sending good vibes your way!!!

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