I have shared numerous times about how I lack a green thumb.  Last summer, I was mildly impressed with my gardening skills.  Basically, lettuce and tomatoes survived.  But, I figured that was pretty good considering most plants die within 2 weeks in my house.

Due to my “issues” keeping plants alive, I have stayed away from investing too much in my yard.  I didn’t want to spend money on it, just to discover I killed it.  Or a bunny dug it up and took it away like my blueberry bush.

Last summer, my dad helped me put rocks and a few bushes in the front yard.  I have found it difficult to make the front yard look like it has landscaping, because my house is a duplex.  That means I can control what my side of the yard looks like, but it would be nice to keep things somewhat uniform.  Due to this, we just stuck to doing a small portion.  We didn’t line it with a pretty edging, I was going to wait on that.

I waited until this past weekend.  My neighbor had extra stone left over from her landscaping project.  I used this to re-edge my front yard, and make it look a little better.  The hardest part of this was coming across spiders.  I loathe spiders.

photo (106)

Luckily, it was all dug up from last year, so I just had to push the small rocks around until the big ones fit.

About this same time, a friend of a friend was getting rid of some hostas and lilies they had dug up.  I jumped at the chance to take them, and decided to plant them around the back deck.  I had to dig the backyard to clear a space for them, and it was definitely harder than I had pictured.  I still have bruises on my legs from pushing on the shovel and learned my yard is quite rocky.  I wanted to completely dig out a line the length of the deck and then a few feet wide.  Eventually, I would like to fill this in with rocks and a stone edge, but I also wanted to take advantage of free plants!

photo (107)

I thought you also might like to see how our garden has grown.

photo (108)

(HJ is in the back picking peas, you can sort-of see him)

We have had about 5 cucumbers so far (I didn’t even know we had planted these, HJ brought home some plants from school!), sugar snap peas (these never made it inside), lots and lots of kale, a little bit of spinach, bowls of cherry tomatoes and a few green peppers…oh, and 3 teeny tiny strawberries.  Much better than last year!

How do people learn to landscape?  I feel totally lost.  My poor yard doesn’t even have a tree.


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