HJ is currently watching a movie before bed.  It is the Nutcracker (yes, the Christmas movie).  And holy cow, this is disturbing.  For one, why did the little girl’s parents pick such an old godfather?  Second off, I think he might be a pedophile.  Also, the “mice” they see, lead me to believe they are on drugs.

On that note (Nutcracker, not drugs), when I was in 3rd grade, I was in the Nutcracker ballet.  I was a mouse.  A cute, dancing mouse.  Did you all know I was a dancer?  I took ballet from first grade through 8th grade and then moved onto the high school dance team.  I loved it.  I loved dancing so much I learned the entire opening dance on Blossom.  Oh, it drove my sister nuts.

My sister and I are 5 years apart.  With me being the younger one, it’s safe to say I drove her nuts on a daily basis.  I use to get her in a lot of trouble, but she was just horrible at being sneaky.

I on the other hand, was quite sneaky.  On top of being sneaky, I was a story-teller.  My parents had a hard time figuring out if I was lying or not.  My saving grace is I was always on time for curfew, my sister was always pushing it.

Last weekend, I attended the Irish Fest in town.  Have you guys heard of Gaelic Storm?  They are amazing.  And I love their accents.  Somehow, I need to pick up an Irish accent.  You know what else I love?  Bloody Mary bars.  There was a fabulous one there.  It had bacon.  My drink had bacon in it.

This week has been slightly chilly, so I am hoping it warms up for the weekend!  The pool closes in 2 weeks, so we need to spend as much time there as we can!

Happy Friday!

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