This month, my resolution was to get a budget in place and start using it.  I know it seems like it shouldn’t be hard, but I am feeling overwhelmed.

The beginning of the month showed promise.  After I posted about my goal, a friend from college sent me an email letting me know her husband would love to help me look at my finances and get a budget in place.  I sent him all of my information, and he responded with a step-by-step way to get on track.

My problem?  Trying to get on track in the first place.  I feel so behind in payments on things, that I can’t even start putting the budget into place.

A few things I was able to accomplish:

-Lowering my cell phone bill.  I called Verizon and asked if I could get to a lower plan.  It is only $20 less a month, but at least it is cheaper.  And on top of that, I actually went to a better plan.  I use to have 2 gb data, 450 minutes and unlimited texting.  The cheaper plan is same data/text, but with unlimited minutes.  And yes, I do feel slightly ripped off I would have never known about this option had I not called.

-Lowered my interest rate on my credit card.  It was lowered 3%, which will hopefully help long-term.

-I tried to get on a payment plan or lower my medical bills.  As of now, that won’t happen because they are including child support (that I don’t actually get) as income.  So that’s cool.

And what I was hoping to accomplish:

-I haven’t figured out how to keep my grocery bill below $50/month.

-I still did not win the powerball, inherit millions or track down a sugar daddy.


I have been pondering getting a second job.  Before HJ, I always had 2 jobs.  Now I feel like I wouldn’t make enough to pay a sitter.  I have been checking out some of those businesses that you have parties for, but I always dislike making people feel obligated to buy.  One that I have been looking into is Wild Tree.  I like that it is food…which people need to buy, and that it is healthy/organic.


I might be keeping this as an August goal as well, because I still feel like I have lots to do to get on track with everything.


7 Thoughts on “July’s Resolution Update

  1. krissa on July 27, 2014 at 9:40 pm said:

    Trying to budget is hard, especially when you are a single mama!! I work full time and also do two direct sales companies. If you want more information on the selling of Thirty One or Origami Owl send me an email and we can chat!!

  2. $50 a month for a grocery budget is quite a stretch. I would think $50 a week would be more realistic if you take your lunches to work. That…I can help you with. 🙂

  3. Do you subscribe to this blog? I love it! Lots of good tips! 🙂

  4. Are you able to do a family plan for your cell phone I have one with my mom and uncle and save so much that way. Do you coupon for groceries or meal plan around the sale items that helps me.

    • on July 28, 2014 at 9:25 pm said:

      You are not the first to recommend that, however, I have no one to go in with!

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