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It has been a while since I had a project on here!  I love simple DIY projects, but lack the free time to put them into motion.  Today, I set aside a whole 20 minutes to get one checked off the list.  And, I only needed 10.

I have seen different versions of DIY scarf hangers on pinterest, and decided it seemed simple enough.  I purchased inexpensive shower curtain rings ($1), I had a package of zip ties in my craft box, and due to cleaning out my closet recently, I had spare hangers.

I gathered my supplies, grabbed some scissors and got to it.  THe shower rings came in a pack of 12, so I opted to do 2 rows of 6.  I thought this would help to evenly distribute the weight across the hanger.  I zip-tied 6 to the hanger and then made them extra sturdy by connecting them together.  Then, I added on the second row.

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Once they were all on, I cut the zip ties as close as I could so it wouldn’t catch on the fabric.

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And it was done!  Yup, that easy!  It definitely looks much better in the closet.  Originally, I had thought I could add-on more rings as my scarfs accumulated.  However, it is pretty heavy as is, so I would just make another one.  I would hate for it to break and have to squeeze in another 10 minute DIY session.

Anyone else complete projects over the weekend?  Do I even get to call this a project?

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2 Thoughts on “DIY Scarf Hanger

  1. Sherri on July 21, 2014 at 8:00 pm said:

    Turned out really nice for such a quick project!

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