A few weeks ago, I shared one of my shopping secrets. My love for GroopDealz. One of you advised I look into their affiliate program, and I was accepted! Now, when you do your shopping there, be sure to click on my link (or the pretty banner on my side bar). A small percentage of the sales will come back to me!

Exciting news, our garden is out of control.  Even our raspberry bush is starting to sprout baby raspberries (or what I believe to be baby raspberries).  The only thing I am already chalking up to a failure, is the strawberries.  Right away, we had 3 yummy strawberries, but nothing since then.  What gives?

While at the store the other day, HJ and I picked out new toothpaste for him.  SpongeBob (I can not believe my autocorrect made that a capital “B” in “bob”).  Awesome, right?  HJ eagerly brushed his teeth with it once.  That evening I started putting it on the brush for him and he starting yelling, “No, not the yucky stuff”.  I told him it was SpongeBob, and smelled like bubblegum.  His response? “Yeah, well it tastes like caterpillars!”

I have decided to try to sell a bunch of my clothes (so HJ and I can go on a fun trip to adventureland without affecting my budget…we bought the tickets before my budget crack down).  A lot of them are hardly worn, and expensive things.  Does anyone know the best site to try to sell them on?  I was looking into vinted, but wasn’t sure if there is something better?

photo (91)

Anyone with a 4-year-old can tell you the littlest things can set off a tantrum.  When I noticed Dusty the Plane had lost a propeller, I was worried for how upset HJ might get.  Instead, he started cracking up and saying, “Dusty has a moustache”.  He thinks it is hilarious and likes Dusty much better this way.

Don’t forget to order some coffee from Three Avacados!  It is a non-profit that helps support schools and brings clean water to those in Nicaragua and Uganda.  You can purchase here, and be sure to use the code: asliceofmudpieTA for 10% off your order.

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