My cheap-ness has officially struck a new level.  Last spring, I took trash I found off the curb.  This year, I pulled it out of a dumpster.

I couldn’t help it.  We had a few houses of college girls move out of the neighborhood, and I noticed they were throwing EVERYTHING out.  I mean everything.  Bedding, shoes, DVDs and furniture.  I pulled out a beautiful dark wood table and gifted it to one of the sorority girls I advise.  I took out some never opened Billy Banks workout dvds.  I wish I would have worn size 8 shoes, because there were some awesome leather boots in there.  I also took out a large black vase full of fake flowers (that still had the tags on them).  I left it sitting in the garage for a while until I decided how I wanted to paint it.  Even once I decided, I wasn’t fully convinced it would turn out.  But guess what?  I LOVE how it looks…

PicMonkey Collage


I took my left over silver spray paint from the fish scale wall art, and sprayed the bottom 4 inches.  After that, I taped it off and used white paint I had leftover from the house.  Spray paint would have been easier, but I wanted to use stuff I already had.  It took a handful of coats to cover the black, but it did work.

I went to Hobby Lobby to get the burlap flowers (40% off) and the twiggy things were actually in the vase when I pulled it out of the dumpster.  I settled on the white paint, because I want to be able to change it out for the seasons without having it clash.  I originally wanted to do a bright color, but kept going back to the classic white.  The silver was a last-minute decision, because the spray paint was next to the white paint.

I really didn’t think it would turn out this well and am extremely happy with how it turned out!


What color would you have gone with?

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