I have not posted about Stitch Fix since August, yet my stitch fix posts are looked at daily.  I figured that must mean some people would like to see a few more posts.  And plus, I have 2 shirts I can’t pick between and need your help.

The last time I posted about Stitch Fix, I discussed how to get a better fix.  After that, I was unhappy with my next few fixes.  Mainly because I had gained weight and looked yuck in everything.  That, and I was in denial and never added that additional 15 pounds to my profile.  Now that I am back to my healthy weight, I have loved my last few fixes.  Go figure.

If you aren’t sure what Stitch Fix is, here is some info:

Stitch Fix is like having your own personal shopper.  When you register, you go through a style profile, picking items you like and don’t like.  You go over things like “I like to show off my…” and “dislike to show my…”.  They ask your sizes, height and weight.  They also ask for things like your pinterest account, instagram, twitter, blogs, etc. so they can see what you like to wear.  Then comes the fun part, you get to schedule a “fix”.  You can schedule monthly fixes or just on an “as needed” basis and you can go in and set a date.  You can also request certain things like, “I have a wedding coming up, please send a few dresses”.

Sounds awesome, right?  Whenever I receive an email telling me my fix has sent, I eagerly rush home after work waiting for my box to arrive.

Yesterday was that day.

I opened up the box and noticed lots of colors, which I love.  I am trying to get out of having everything I buy be black or grey.  As I pulled items out of the box, I honestly liked everything except the maxi dress.  I could tell it was going to cling in all the wrong places.

First, here are my definite “no” items:

PicMonkey Collage23

The Brad Striped Jersey Maxi Dress was a thin material and loved to hug my curves.  Only it hugged those curves that you don’t want people to know you have.

The jeans!  I loved them.  They were Joshua Colored Ankle Jeans, and were actually ankle jeans on me (usually capris look like ankle jeans on me…and ankle jeans look like normal jeans #shortgirlprobs).  The color is awesome, a pretty, royal blue.  However, they fit way to big as you can see in the picture.  There was about a 3 inch gap in the back, which led to me trying them on 4 different times “just to make sure”.

There was also a tote in my fix, which I forgot to take a picture of.  It was the Melanie Canvas Bag, and was a royal blue with white polka dots.  It was really cute, but to small to be practical for me.

Now on to my “I can’t decide what to pick” items…

PicMonkey Collage

I liked both of these items instantly.  The green striped one was bright and cheerful.  The kelly green color is actually my favorite color, and the splash of hot pink made it pop.  I actually pinned a similar top before, but in different colors (navy/yellow, which I liked a bit better).  I felt like this top is actually a little too big, the back kind of bunches a bit, but it is really cute.  And the loose fit would be great if I happen to gain weight again (please no!).

The Hydie Floral Print Crochet Detail Blouse I loved when I first saw it.  The sleeves are unique, and it is very different from other stuff in my closet.  However, I put it on and it looked huge.  And boxy.  I took it off and ended up coming back to it.  This time I tried tucking it in and pairing it with a cute belt, and fell in love again.

What do you prefer, the green stripes or floral top?

Have you tried Stitch Fix out?  I have so much fun doing it.  If you want to try it out I would love for you to use my referral link (it gives me $25 in my stitch fix account and costs nothing for you!).



3 Thoughts on “Stitch Fix: June Fix

  1. I love the floral – I think you might wear it more often, or at least I would!

  2. Love that floral top!

  3. Allison on July 10, 2014 at 7:55 am said:

    Thanks for sending me your link! This was helpful!

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