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I can not believe HJ’s first year of preschool is over.  It seems like just yesterday, we stood on the front porch taking the first day of school pictures.

This past week, HJ got ready to say goodbye to his school and teachers.  He is so excited to go back to his old daycare and informed me he is never ever going to college.  Also, he is smarter than me because I am not in school.  Of course.

When he saw me getting his chalkboard ready for his last day of school picture, he was pumped.  Until we stepped outside.  Suddenly, he was ticked.

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Luckily, he discovered it was amusing to push the board over and laughed at me as I tried to get him to stand still and smile.

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I am excited for a few summer adventures and relaxing in the sun with my little guy.

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2 Thoughts on “Last Day of Preschool

  1. so cute! Kindergarten how exciting! Emma starts kindergarten, too 🙂

    • on June 5, 2014 at 8:48 pm said:

      Oh, he still has 1 year at preschool, but it is in his official school district school 🙂

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