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Today was HJ’s last day of school (how he is he old?!?!).  In his school, he has a main teacher, two assistants, two daycare people, and a handful of young assistants.

In other words, I had to think inexpensively to be able to gift everyone (and I DO think they all deserve it).  HJ spent more time in the daycare then in school, so of course they all deserve a token of appreciation.

I knew I wanted to make something that said “thanks for making me a smart cookie”.  Because cookies are cheap, and I am a pretty dang good baker.  Naturally, I turned to pinterest.  I searched for “free smart cookie printable” and found this link.  I love when people can read my mind and make the perfect card.

I printed the cards off, and made some scrumptious chocolate chip and m&m cookies (found on pinterest, naturally).  I put a handful of cookies into a reusable Tupperware container and tied in up with some fluffy bows.

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I think they turned out cute (and yummy).  What teacher gifts have you given that were a hit?  Would love some ideas for the next 12 years or so!


One Thought on “A Gift for the Teacher: One Smart Cookie

  1. Camille on May 30, 2014 at 2:30 pm said:

    Such a great idea! So cute!

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