You know those weeks that you have so much going on?  My last 2 weeks have been like that.  Every night after work, we have had “something” that was going on.  This has led to not much getting done in most aspects of my life (ie laundry, cleaning, cooking, work-outs).  I have been trying hard to at least wake up early and do work-out videos, but it isn’t the same as a gym workout.

About two weeks ago, my phone contacts all disappeared.  No idea why, the phone didn’t even shut off.  One minute, contacts were there, the next NADA.  Do you know that this is a way to set me into minor panic mode?

I called Verizon, and they assured me that they could restore my contacts since I had the back-up thingy.  Only, I hadn’t backed it up since April 2010.  Holy cow.  Basically, since I have lived in Cedar Falls, all the numbers were lost.

Not to mention, I had complete blasts from my pasts suddenly on my contact list.  People labeled “hot guy from tonic” “don’t answer” and plenty of names that I had to ponder who they were.  I spent a while trying to save numbers based on texts, but for the most part all the numbers are gone.

Moral of the story: Back up your contact list often.

Based on the weather, I feel like winter is officially gone.  I am loving playing outside and getting fresh air.  Of course, this also means scrapes/bruises/cuts on little boys.  He currently has multiple bruises, a slice on his leg, skinned knees/elbows and as of tonight, a goose egg on his forehead (he got hit with a bat!).  Hopefully, HJ starts healing and doesn’t experience more injuries this summer.

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