Recently, I was bored.  This led to be deciding to paint my nightstands.  Originally, they were a light wood from Target, just under $20 a piece.  They no longer have the exact color, because I purchased them in 2001.

Thirteen years, and numerous moves, the shelves are still holding up just fine.  I was just sick of the color.  So HJ and I pulled a gray paint can from the basement, and spent a weekend updating the nightstands.

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That was going to be it for the bedroom update, so I have no before pictures of the whole room (what a bad blogger I am).  The next week, a family friend offered to give me their queen size sleigh bed.  I did not have anything other then a frame/mattress/boxspring, so I took them up on the “free” offer without knowing what it really looked like.  I figured if I didn’t like it, I would refinish it.

So glad I did, it is beautiful.

Also, I was at Target last week, and cartwell had an app for 50% bedding, combined with a few other discounts, I scored this comforter for $20.  If you have been to my house, you know the dog has a tendency to tear holes in blankets and bedding, so spending money on expensive bedding is not worth it.

If you’re keeping track, that makes both beds in our house FREE.

* The shelf in my room was scored in my parent’s basement, I believe it was my grandma’s*

I was able to give my bedroom a whole new look for $20!  I love getting a great new look that doesn’t put a dent in my bank account.


4 Thoughts on “Quick Bedroom Makeover

  1. That looks fantastic. Well done!!!

  2. Sherri on April 30, 2014 at 12:54 pm said:

    I think you did pretty well for $20.00!!!

  3. Loving it!! and what a steal!!

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