The last week, I have had a crazy bird on our deck.  It tries repeatedly to fly through the patio door.  Every day.  I hear the tap, tap of the bird hitting the window.  I walk over and shout, “get outta here robin”.  And then it poops on the chair and flies into the window AGAIN.  It’s not afraid of me.  Then the dog runs over and it flies to the neighbors patio window and does the SAME THING.  What is wrong with this bird?  And who wants to come clean off the patio furniture?  Is there a trick to getting birds to stay away?

Speaking of birds…I recently hung up my Spring-y wreath.  It was on the door for 2 days… and HJ and I were playing in the yard.  I noticed a bird peeking out over the flower and another bird perched on the roof.  I go over to check it out, and they are building their love nest on my wreath.  At the front door.  I thought about how messy that would be, and promptly removed the entire wreath.  I should mention, the next was only about 8 pieces of hay by this point.  I definitely would not have taken it down had there been eggs.  I am a pushover who loves baby animals.  Luckily, the 8 pieces of hay didn’t break my heart.  Until, I noticed the 2 birds staring at me with sad eyes like I had just ripped their world apart.  Needless to say, there is no wreath on my door at this point.  I am not ready to disappoint more birds.

The other night, I was getting dinner ready.  HJ was at the table and says, “OH, MY TUMMY IS SO MAD AT ME!”.  After some questioning, I came to learn that means his tummy was growling because he was hungry :).

Tonight, HJ and I went in search of bunny trails.  He wanted to track down the Easter Bunny and see where he is hiding all the candy.

I also had HJ agree to give me all reeses peanut butter cups he receives.  In exchange, I have to give him all my peppers.  Yes, peppers.  He wants peppers in his eggs.

Have a great weekend, it is supposed to be nice out here!  Or as HJ says, “warm and cozy”!

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