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I had a few questions on one of my photo projects from February.  I didn’t clearly describe what I was doing, so here it goes…

Kids come home with a lot of art work.  A lot.  As parents, we would love to save and treasure it all, but there’s a lot of it (have I mentioned that?).

As HJ brings his masterpieces home, I set them in a pile on my counter.  Leaving it in a place that will drive you crazy is key to curing procrastination.  Since I hate piles, I quickly like to eliminate the art work.

To do this, I take a picture of it.  Then throw it out.  GASP.  I throw out the art work.  I save it all to a file on my computer, and edit and crop in picmonkey.  Then, I uploaded the masterpieces to snapfish and created a photo book.

All of HJ’s art work from 2010-2013 created volume 1 of his art books.  Being in school now, I know the books might fill more quickly, so I am hoping to stay on top of it a bit more this time around.

I think it’s a fun way for HJ to show off his work and progress.  And, it saves a lot of storage trouble for me!

7 Thoughts on “Saving Children’s Artwork

  1. Breenah A on April 9, 2014 at 8:41 am said:

    I really need to start doing this, I love the idea. Right now Quinn’s art is in different piles around the apartment because she won’t leave them on the fridge.

  2. aprilsclblog on April 9, 2014 at 9:22 am said:

    What a great idea! Sure beats my method of keeping the best ones each time and then re-sorting through their memory boxes when they get full…ugh!

  3. Love this idea…totally stealing…although I was supposed to make monthly photo books and started in October 2012….made that one and haven’t made one since! I suck!

  4. I am always looking for ideas for my sons amazing 🙂 art work he brings home from daycare!!! Love this

  5. I love this and have done it a few times. I also love to frame some of my very favorites

  6. jantinawennerstrom on April 11, 2014 at 3:34 pm said:

    Love this idea! I totally do the pile thing and then just like you state, I quickly eliminate it when I’m frustrated. I have middle elementary aged kids… this might be a fun project for them to do this summer! They can make their own books with my supervision. GREAT idea!

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