Guess what?  I FINALLY won the monthly contest with Courtney.  That’s right.  I lost more weight.  It’s about time, really.  I was sick of sending her gifts

I lost another 2.92% and am only half a pound away from my goal weight!  HALF A POUND!  Overall, I have lost 12.5% since January.  Sorry while I brag, but daaaaannnngg am I proud of myself.  Not to mention, I am currently wearing jeans that didn’t fit a few months ago.  And they are too big.

And since I gloated over beating Courtney, I should mention that she is 6 pounds UNDER her goal weight.  She even went bikini shopping.  Skinny little punk.

I am still using my fitness pal, but not nearly as much as I use too.  I am still working on my couch to 5K program.  Everyone kept saying once I get in the habit, I will love running.

Those people are nuts.  I do not love it, I don’t even like it.  Running should really only be done when being chased.  But I am still determined to do a 5K.  I am currently able to run almost 2 miles without stopping.  I have been running on an indoor track, and it is so BORING.  If it wasn’t for my Pandora pop and hip hop power work-out station, I think I would collapse out of pure boredom.  Pitbull jamming out makes it a bit better.

I am hoping to be able to keep this motivation going as it gets nicer out.  I fear I won’t want to go to the gym, but want to come home to play outside.

I am also joining in with Living in Yellow and her #1800minute challenge.  So far, I am 200 minutes in.  I am hoping this helps with my motivation a bit.

I was starting to feel frustrated that you couldn’t actually see a physical difference in my appearance, so I took a picture from Christmas and a selfie form last week.  Here is the comparison:

PicMonkey Collage

Sorry for the poor photo quality, but you shouldn’t expect more from me by this point :).  I think the difference shows!  Also, I should consider wearing make-up when I go to work.  A little under eye oncealer would have worked wonders.

Work-out people: Is it better to have a cardio day and then a separate weight day?  Or do some cardio and some weights each day?

4 Thoughts on “Weight Loss Update

  1. Court on April 6, 2014 at 10:03 pm said:

    I agree with your running sentiments completely!!!

  2. Great job sister! 🙂

  3. Depends on your goals. I did arms/shoulders yesterday morning and then attempted a 10-miler in the afternoon. My upper body felt like cement. I won’t strength train before a long run again as it definitely slowed me down.

  4. I think you can totally tell! You look great 🙂

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