True Story that is also an April Fools trick I pulled off ..

One time, I told my gullible friend Matt that I met a guy at a casino and got married.  I explained we had a bit to drink, which led to us being crazy and getting married.  I went into lots more details and even filled in a friend that I knew he would call (which he did).  At the time I didn’t realize he bought it hook, line and sinker.

A few weeks later, I discovered my story had spread around his entire company.

Moral of the story: Always remember to tell people you were “just joking”.

Which brings me to introducing you to Dominic Swanson who can help you with those nights at the casino where you just might marry a stranger…


Dress codes are an important part of society. While they may not be needed at virtual sites like online casinos; they do provide guidelines for people to know what to wear when visiting certain land based places. The last thing anybody wants is to go out looking like they are about to play pokies sat at home. The online sites can also be helpful to provide some guidance to those when really aren’t sure what to wear when visiting a certain location. For those going to the casino this can be quite helpful. Many women when preparing to go out for a casino evening will use this information to decide what to wear. Usually casinos will expect women to wear clothing that is within the smart casual style.

For many, smart casual clothing can mean many different things. To ensure that one is properly dressed for a night in the casino, it is important to understand what it means exactly. It actually gives women a lot of options in regards to what they can wear to the casino. Smart casual would be less formal than business wear but a bit dressier than the typical casual outfit. To put together an outfit of this style, women would pair dressier items with a casual one. Given this formula, it is easy to see why so many outfits can be created. When going to the casino for the evening, most women would be hard pressed to not find something appropriate to wear. This can be quite helpful especially when deciding to go to the casino at the last-minute.
Trousers or skirts can be worn to the casino in the evening. Women may opt for a dressier pair of trousers or those with more casual cuts including chinos and corduroys. Jeans are always a possibility with this style. However, to really pull them off, the other garments must be a bit dressier. The same is true to skirts. Just about any skirt will work so long as the length is decent.

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  1. This always an issue of knowing exactly what to wear to any event. Thanks for sharing this as I think it is helpful for anyone. I loved the story too, how funny! I love the layout of your blog and the color scheme, as those are my favorite colors. I will definitely come back and read your posts more throughly. :)

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