This week, I was told, “You’re ruining my life”.  I thought I still had a few years before he realized that.

The reason I was told this is because I put him in a shirt that did not have an angry bird or a ninja turtle on it (because they were both in the washer).  The horror.

The other night, I told HJ to get his pj’s on.  His response? “Can you say that in Spanish?”.  Er, no.  I barely passed Spanish 4.

We had conferences at HJ’s preschool this week.  I was so proud to hear the teacher say how sweet he is and that he is a great listener in class.

I am so happy that the snow is finally starting to melt.  Another warm day or two, and my driveway might finally be snow free for the first time since November!

Happy weekend!  I will be organizing the house for my March goal :).

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