In January, I told you all about my healthy lifestyle change.  The first month, I lost 9 pounds.  Awesome, huh?  However, Courtney won the weight loss challenge by about 0.02%.  Damn.

During February, the scale didn’t move as much.  However, I finally feel skinnier (even if others haven’t noticed).  Pants are a little baggy, and I am not as self-conscious.

Weigh-in day was last Friday.  I lost 4 pounds in February!  Which came out to about 2.9%. Courtney lost 3.2%.  Grr.  Also, Courtney is well under her goal weight.  If I was her, I would be doing cartwheels down the hall.  I still have 5 pounds to lose.  Overall, I have lost just over 9% of my body weight.  How cool is that?

I am still tracking my calorie intake on My Fitness Pal…although not as religiously as before.  I know these last 5 pounds won’t be easy to lose, but hopefully within the next few months I will be at my goal.

Has anyone else been trying to lose weight?  Any good tips/tricks to kick those last 5 pounds to the curb?


One Thought on “Weight Loss Update

  1. You are doing awesome! Now that you have the system down, I bet you’ll continue to drop little by little. Keep going girl, you got it!

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