Oh, March, I have a feeling I am going to loathe you.  My resolution this month is one I want to swat away, but it NEEDS to be done.

Get organized.

My house has become clustered.  Messy.  Disorganized.

Looking at it from walking in the door, you might not think that.  But open a closet…

photo (16)

or a drawer…

photo (17)

and you might run in fear.

I am thinking I will plan on tackling a different area/room each week, and accomplish as much as possible.   I know areas like my closet and kitchen will take much longer than say HJ’s room, but on the “easy” rooms, hopefully I can take on an additional area as well.

Here’s how I plan to break it up…

March 1-8: Kitchen

This one will suck.  The cabinets and drawers are a mess.  The pantry has become a stockpile for any and everything, and I am not sure when I last cleaned out the fridge.

March 9-15: Hall closets and bathrooms.  The hall closet is where I store bathroom extras, so it makes sense to combine them.

March 16-22: My room.  Closet, dresser and nightstands.  God Speed.

March 23-26: HJ’s room and living room.  HJ’s closet is the most organized since he rotates through clothes, but could use some straightening up.

March 26-31: Toy room and mudroom.  Neither are too bad, but could use a few organizing solutions.

6 Thoughts on “A Year of Resolutions: March

  1. Oh, lord. Looks like we live in the same house! Difference is, I haven’t hit my rock bottom yet, and I’m not ready to organize. lol

  2. I dig that you are using March to un-clutter/tidy/organize. Good way to make that a little easier to take! Good luck – and thank you for the awesome idea. (It seems much less intimidating to think of it this way.)

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