Holy heck-balls, February is a SHORT month.  I can’t believe this month is at an end, I feel like it should just now be the middle of the month.  Any-woo…Remember my “Year of Resolutions“?  I am liking this way better than trying to stick to a resolution for a whole year.  It’s just 30 days.  I can make a commitment of 30 days to most things (or 28 days this month).

My February resolution was to complete 4 different photo projects I have been procrastinating on.  I needed a deadline to hold myself accountable, and here is how it panned out:

Project 1: Create HJ’s 4 year canvas and order if I can find a deal

-You all helped me pick the canvas.  From your votes on facebook and the blog, picture 2 won!

or this one 4 canvas

I happened to check out Groupon, and guess what?  They had a deal for Canvas On Demand.  I ordered a 16×20 (the same size as his other ones) for $29.99 (regularly $129.99).  Awesome.  Just waiting to receive it in the mail.

Project 2: Complete a photo book of HJ’s artwork

-I have been taking pictures of HJ’s artwork and then throwing it out.  That way I don’t have piles and boxes of his artwork.  My ultimate goal is to make books of his artwork.  That way we can always look at what he made, I just don’t have to store it.  I DID complete the book.  His masterpieces from 2010-2013 are all displayed in the book.  Luckily, my sister came across a snapfish coupon for 60% off, which I ordered this book as well as my other projects with.

Project 3: Complete a yearbook of 2013

-I have mountains of photo albums.  About 3-4 for each year.  They are bulky.  I decided after HJ turned 3 that we would start making yearly photo books instead of having all these albums.  I put in pictures from all of 2o13 and made a 70 page photo book.  One book.  Everything in one place, in chronological order, for the whole year.

This year, I vow to work on the book throughout the year.  It is a task and a half.  The book is ordered, just waiting for delivery!

Project 4: Disney Photo Album

-My parents bought me a Disney album after our trip.  I have been meaning to print off the pictures and put them in the book.  I had great intentions of this in November, and even ordered the pictures.  Once I got them, I realized how big the book is and how few pictures I actually ordered.  All I needed to do was order the rest of the pictures, but somehow I put it off for 3 months.  BUT!  The pictures are now ordered.

Woohoo!  February’s resolution has been completed (mostly…all ordered I should say).  I am still working on being healthy and active from January, so I did not just blow that off completely.  Like I mentioned, I will be trying to rotate through easy and hard resolutions so I can keep focusing on the ones I hope to continue throughout the year.

Can’t wait to show progress on weight loss and to tell you about March’s resolution!

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