HJ somehow manages to get holes in the knees of every pair of pants.  I have bought him numerous jeans this year and have finally decided we needed another route.  Although I like the look of distressed jeans, the winters are a bit too chilly to have his knees exposed.  I went to Hobby Lobby and found denim iron on patches.  Perfect!

I gathered up all his pants, and got to ironing.

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Yup, that’s 7 pairs of pants he has gone through this winter.

I put the patches to fit each hole.  I actually ironed them from the inside on all but 1 pair.  That way it wouldn’t show from the outside, and it will look like he has distressed pants (without exposing his little kneecaps).  A few pairs, had such large holes, he will have patches over the knees.  The way he goes through pants at daycare, I can’t be too picky on their appearance.  Hopefully, this will get us until short season!  But seriously, what does he do to ruin this many pairs of pants?

This past fall, I had decided that once a week I would share a fun activity HJ and I had done.  Some sort of cutesy, crafty, fun thing together.  I had started a list of all the things to do, and um….well, I haven’t done much with it.  So, here is one:


HJ brought his water paints into the tub, and painted along the tub and shower walls.  It was a quick and easy clean up, and he thought it was fun to make a mess.

Today, we were under a thunderstorm warning and a blizzard warning.  Iowa is so bipolar.

This month, I am doing an Arm Challenge an addition to my work-outs.  I like that it isn’t continually building on the day before like last month’s squat challenge.  Some days are easier than the day before which is a relief, but doing 3 rounds of each one ends in a bit of pain everyday.

I can’t believe our weigh-in is next week again. This month definitely hasn’t been as dramatic of a drop, but I feel like it’s noticeable.  AND a pair of pants I bought in November?  Too big.  Heck yes.

Can’t wait to show ya my photo stuff I have been working on all this month.  I am MOSTLY done, just waiting on coupons to order it all.  Canvas on Demand had an awesome Groupon last week, so HJ’s canvas is on the way!

Enjoy your weekend!  We have nothing going on but swimming lessons.  Here’s to relaxing!

3 Thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. I don’t know if you have Sears by you, but with their brand of kid jeans, if you wear them out before they grow out of them they will replace them for free. That is what I did when my kids where little. Great program!

  2. Lindsay on February 21, 2014 at 8:36 am said:

    Both P and C constantly tear holes in their jeans/pants. Not an option for boys, but Peyton prefers leggings, so I started just buying those since they are only $6 at Target, but she has tore those on the first wear on many occasions – grrr! Guess I will also have to check out Sears…

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