My resolution this month is to complete a few photo projects I have been procrastinating on. There are 4 projects I am trying to complete (or at least get them finished so as soon as I see a good deal, I can purchase). Two of the projects are books, one is a photo album and the fourth is a canvas. This is the one I need your help on.

Every year, I have purchased a 16×20 canvas from Canvas on Demand.  Here are the cute canvases from prior years.  For HJ’s 4-year canvas, I can’t decide.  I like both for different reasons, so help me pick which one should adorn our walls!

Picture 1:

canvas 4

Picture 2:

or this one 4 canvas

On both, the reason the words don’t go to the edges is because the image is wrapped on the canvas, so I have to leave a bit of room.

Let me know in the comments if we should order the canvas of photo 1 or 2!


8 Thoughts on “Help Me Pick

  1. OMG….good luck on that one!!! I think they both are super cute!!!! I will pick 2…but I love 1 also!!! Helpful…I’m not!! 🙂 Good Luck!!!

  2. I love them both but I prefer #2 because I like the words on the bottom …..I think it makes them less of a focus and your sweet boy as the main man!! 🙂

  3. Melissa on February 14, 2014 at 7:25 am said:

    I like number 2 because I love those red shoes, too! Super cute and hard decision!

  4. Nana likes #1

  5. OMG they’re both so cute!!! I think I like the placement of the words on the bottom though so I would pick picture 2

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