Before I became a mom, I swore I wouldn’t have “that kid”.  You know, the one with the constant runny nose.  And then I had a kid. Did you know all kids seem to have a runny nose throughout the fall and winter?  It’s gross, but true.  Plus, my child actually starts gagging if he sees his own boogers.  No joke. Which means, I have Kleenex® stuck anywhere and everywhere so I can grab it at anytime.  I am loving the stylish new designs, and all the ways to stash them where I need them. PicMonkey Collage2 To celebrate Kleenex’s 90th anniversary, they’re bringing you another innovative first: The Kleenex® Style Studio. It’s a fun, inspiring way to discover more of the Kleenex® Brand designs and products you love. And maybe even a few that’ll take you by surprise. Whether you’re decorating at home or adding a pop of color to your clutch, Kleenex® has you covered. Of course, there’s the normal, average Kleenex® box.  I love the subtle blue design that matches perfect with HJ’s whale bathroom. IMG_5477 Then, there is the box made to stick in the car.  Makes it easy to pass it back when I notice HJ taking his sleeve to his nose. And the super cute slim pack.  This one fits perfect in my purse, and in HJ’s backpack. PicMonkey Collage Right now, you can visit Kleenex® and take their style quiz (I scored 3 out of 5), register to win the sweeps and get coupons.  You can also take this quick, 1 question survey from Kleenex® .

Thanks to Kleenex® for sponsoring today’s post!

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  1. I remember when Kleenex came in a cup-shaped thing for your car’s cup holder- I wonder if they still make that? I know what you mean about “that kid”- I was forever wiping noses when my kids were little, but Kleenex wasn’t as cute back then !!!

  2. I always feel like travel packs of kleenexes are never as nice as the ones from a box. How are the slim packs?

  3. Great post! Wishing you and HJ a cold-free winter 🙂

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