Apparently, I believe that healthy eating kicks are allowed to be forgotten on Super Bowl Sunday.  I didn’t track calories.  I ate crappy food, and lots of it.

HJ and I went to a friends party, and we brought a new favorite party food.  Pickle Wrap Dip.  I made a few alterations…because I didn’t want to wonder around the grocery store the day before the Super Bowl (seriously, it was more chaotic then before a winter storm is set to strike).


How much easier is this then trying to spread the cream cheese across thin, dried beef and having it tear?  Then try to cut up slippery pickles while making it look presentable?  Yeah, won’t be doing that anymore.  The dip tastes the same, and is so much simpler.  Serve with crackers or veggies!


23 Thoughts on “Pickle Wrap Dip

  1. Calories never count on holidays, birthdays, or major social outings. 🙂 Good idea w the dip! Thanks for the recepie.

  2. That sounds soooo yummy! I love pickles I need to try this

  3. This dip looks really good. Believe it or not, but I’ve never actually eaten a pickle wrap! My Iowan friends have often mentioned making them with family. My mom used to make a dish with dried beef. I like your dip idea better. Plus, we love pickles.

  4. Yum. Dumb question here—dill or bread and butter pickles???? I think it would be good either way but probably dill is better???

  5. I love pickle wrap dip and agree, it is so much easier to do than all the time and frustration that can happen when making actual pickle wraps. I’ll have to try it with dried beef. I usually make mine with ham.

  6. Thanks for the recipe! I appreciate the alterations because this recipe seems very doable. Right away I recognize all the ingredients. Yes! 🙂 Can a person every have too much pickle wrap dip? LOVE.

  7. I’m SO glad I clicked over to your blog today from the “Iowa bloggers” group! Who doesn’t love a good pickle-wrap recipe? And one that I can DIP? All over this. 😉

    Thanks for sharing!

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  9. Love pickle wraps. This looks wonderful! So much easier. Making for tomorrow app. Thanks so much for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Would chopped ham be good to sub for the beef?

  11. I am not familiar w dried beef. Where do you look for that at the grocery store? Is it like jerky?

  12. Jenny Pienaar on January 26, 2016 at 9:18 am said:

    Will try it with salami chopped in – sounds good.

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  14. I make this with Buddy corned beef. Delish!

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