The first month of “A Year of Resolutions” is officially done.  I know I already talked about how I want to be healthy and lose weight.  I told you all about my struggle, and what I am hoping to achieve.

My friend Courtney and I spent the month eating healthy, working out and comparing notes.  There were a few times where we both threw up our hands, but luckily they were on opposite days.  When I complained, she was there to help.

And guess what?  We both lost over 6% of our body weight.  I lost exactly 9 pounds, while Courtney lost 10.5.  She won the monthly challenge by 0.5%.  I am proud of both of us, and I lost about 4 more pounds than I expected.

I still want to lose another 8 pounds to get to my goal weight, while Courtney only has 1 frikken pound.  I think that means I should win the challenge in February :).  And like we promised, I will be sending her a healthy gift for her prize.

The best part?  I haven’t been starving.  I am eating healthier, and feel like I have a lot more energy.  That isn’t to say it has been easy, it’s hard to eat past sugar cravings.  The most frustrating part is I can’t “see” the results yet.  I am hoping that comes soon.

Also, we completed the squat challenge.  Our challenge for February is arms!  It took me a while to find a good one, some were pretty minimal, while some seemed crazy hard.  This one looks like something I can easily do in addition to my normal work-outs.

My February resolution is going to be a bit easier than January, that way I can still focus on being healthy!  I will be posting about it later this week.  How are your resolutions going?

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