Holy heck-balls, February is a SHORT month.  I can’t believe this month is at an end, I feel like it should just now be the middle of the month.  Any-woo…Remember my “Year of Resolutions“?  I am liking this way better than trying to stick to a resolution for a whole year.  It’s just 30 days.  I can make a commitment of 30 days to most things (or 28 days this month).

My February resolution was to complete 4 different photo projects I have been procrastinating on.  I needed a deadline to hold myself accountable, and here is how it panned out:

Project 1: Create HJ’s 4 year canvas and order if I can find a deal

-You all helped me pick the canvas.  From your votes on facebook and the blog, picture 2 won!

or this one 4 canvas

I happened to check out Groupon, and guess what?  They had a deal for Canvas On Demand.  I ordered a 16×20 (the same size as his other ones) for $29.99 (regularly $129.99).  Awesome.  Just waiting to receive it in the mail.

Project 2: Complete a photo book of HJ’s artwork

-I have been taking pictures of HJ’s artwork and then throwing it out.  That way I don’t have piles and boxes of his artwork.  My ultimate goal is to make books of his artwork.  That way we can always look at what he made, I just don’t have to store it.  I DID complete the book.  His masterpieces from 2010-2013 are all displayed in the book.  Luckily, my sister came across a snapfish coupon for 60% off, which I ordered this book as well as my other projects with.

Project 3: Complete a yearbook of 2013

-I have mountains of photo albums.  About 3-4 for each year.  They are bulky.  I decided after HJ turned 3 that we would start making yearly photo books instead of having all these albums.  I put in pictures from all of 2o13 and made a 70 page photo book.  One book.  Everything in one place, in chronological order, for the whole year.

This year, I vow to work on the book throughout the year.  It is a task and a half.  The book is ordered, just waiting for delivery!

Project 4: Disney Photo Album

-My parents bought me a Disney album after our trip.  I have been meaning to print off the pictures and put them in the book.  I had great intentions of this in November, and even ordered the pictures.  Once I got them, I realized how big the book is and how few pictures I actually ordered.  All I needed to do was order the rest of the pictures, but somehow I put it off for 3 months.  BUT!  The pictures are now ordered.

Woohoo!  February’s resolution has been completed (mostly…all ordered I should say).  I am still working on being healthy and active from January, so I did not just blow that off completely.  Like I mentioned, I will be trying to rotate through easy and hard resolutions so I can keep focusing on the ones I hope to continue throughout the year.

Can’t wait to show progress on weight loss and to tell you about March’s resolution!

A long, long time ago, I was nominated for the Sunshine Award from the fabulous ladies at Real Suburbia.  They sent a few questions my way, but first, I am supposed to tell you all 11 random facts about me…

1. I was always the short kid in school, and it never changed.  I am only 5’2″.

2. When I was young, my favorite thing to do was dance, even through high school.  I learned it is a skill you lose if you don’t use it…unless wine is involved.

3. My dog is a rescue dog.  He was rescued as a little pup from a very bad house.  He was the only one in his litter to survive.  When I got him, he was just 4 pounds (now he is about 93).

4.  I can not watch scary movies and stay home alone.  If you bring a scary movie to watch, you better bring a sleeping bag and plan on staying a few nights.

5. I always pictured myself with 4 kids.  I hope I can still have a few more…eventually…not now.  Dear God, not now.

6. I have horrible anxiety issues.

7. I have a chocolate problem.  I HAVE to have something sweet everyday.

8. My favorite color has always been green.

9. If I start a book, I WILL finish it with in days.  I will put off other things to read.  Because of this, I have to take breaks between books.  Otherwise, my parenting, household tasks and life in general would all be pushed off.

10. I don’t understand why people like beer,  it’s gross.

11. My favorite number is 11.

And now for their questions…

1.  How do you drink your coffee or tea?

Coffee with just a splash of creamer…not much at all.  Tea, love it with a splash of milk.

2.  What is your favorite time of day?
Depends…Monday thru Friday, it is 4:45.  That’s about when I pick up HJ from daycare and he always runs up yelling “MOMMY!” and gives me a big hug.
3.  Who was your first kiss?
Summer camp 1994, Rob.  Never knew his last name.  He was a 13 year old dream boat.
4.  What is a pet peeve of yours?
Loud eaters.  Makes me lose my appetite.
5.  What do you grab at the convenience store?
I rarely go inside.  If I do, it is because I need cash and the closest ATM would charge a fee.  I buy a pack of gum from the convenience store and get cash back :).
6.  What is at the top of your bucket list?
To leave the country.  I want to travel, and go cool places.
7.  What is one thing that always makes you happy?
Hearing from others that I have such a sweet child.  Warms my heart.
8.  What’s your dream vacation?
9.  What is your favorite hobby?
10. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
The people who have reached out to me.  It makes it feel so worthwhile.
11. If you had a million dollars to spend what would you buy with it?
This will make me sound lame…I would upgrade my car to get all-wheel drive (I hate not having it in the snow).  Otherwise, HJ and I would live comfortably.  Nothing extravagant, but we wouldn’t be in debt.  Also, I promised HJ if we ever have a million dollars, we can have a house on the ocean.  That should take care of that money real quick!

HJ somehow manages to get holes in the knees of every pair of pants.  I have bought him numerous jeans this year and have finally decided we needed another route.  Although I like the look of distressed jeans, the winters are a bit too chilly to have his knees exposed.  I went to Hobby Lobby and found denim iron on patches.  Perfect!

I gathered up all his pants, and got to ironing.

PicMonkey Collage

Yup, that’s 7 pairs of pants he has gone through this winter.

I put the patches to fit each hole.  I actually ironed them from the inside on all but 1 pair.  That way it wouldn’t show from the outside, and it will look like he has distressed pants (without exposing his little kneecaps).  A few pairs, had such large holes, he will have patches over the knees.  The way he goes through pants at daycare, I can’t be too picky on their appearance.  Hopefully, this will get us until short season!  But seriously, what does he do to ruin this many pairs of pants?

This past fall, I had decided that once a week I would share a fun activity HJ and I had done.  Some sort of cutesy, crafty, fun thing together.  I had started a list of all the things to do, and um….well, I haven’t done much with it.  So, here is one:


HJ brought his water paints into the tub, and painted along the tub and shower walls.  It was a quick and easy clean up, and he thought it was fun to make a mess.

Today, we were under a thunderstorm warning and a blizzard warning.  Iowa is so bipolar.

This month, I am doing an Arm Challenge an addition to my work-outs.  I like that it isn’t continually building on the day before like last month’s squat challenge.  Some days are easier than the day before which is a relief, but doing 3 rounds of each one ends in a bit of pain everyday.

I can’t believe our weigh-in is next week again. This month definitely hasn’t been as dramatic of a drop, but I feel like it’s noticeable.  AND a pair of pants I bought in November?  Too big.  Heck yes.

Can’t wait to show ya my photo stuff I have been working on all this month.  I am MOSTLY done, just waiting on coupons to order it all.  Canvas on Demand had an awesome Groupon last week, so HJ’s canvas is on the way!

Enjoy your weekend!  We have nothing going on but swimming lessons.  Here’s to relaxing!

When I say grossest, I mean it.  If you are eating, you might want to wait to read this.  If you aren’t a parent, you might not want to read it at all.  Parents have a different threshold for grossness like the one I am about to tell you.  It is bad.

Valentine’s Day was Friday, in case you missed the memo.  I only know this, because everyone seemed to post flower and chocolate pictures on facebook and instagram.  And most blogs seemed to cover the loves of their lives.

After work on Friday, I got a quick run and ran to HJ’s daycare to pick him up.  He chatted with me while we drove to the grocery store.  I had decided I did not want to make dinner.  And I felt like the thing for single people to do on Valentine’s day is to eat Chinese food.  And chocolate.

So that was our plan, pick up Chinese food and a cupcake.  While waiting in line for take-out, HJ asked me to pick him up so he could see the food.  We decided on rice with cashew chicken and an egg roll.  I just finished saying, “rice” and I noticed HJ moving his lips strange.  He looked right in my eyes about 5 inches from my face and goes, “uhhh”.

At that moment I knew what was about to happen.  He was about to throw-up.  I started saying, “hold on!” and took a step to the left.  And…it happened.  He started projectile vomiting on my face.  MY FACE.  While I was talking.  Vomit in my mouth.  I tried covering his mouth, which resulting in the vomit pouring down the sleeve of my coat.  It JUST.KEPT.COMING.  By this point, he was standing on the ground, but still vomiting.  We were covered.  Our faces, our hair, our coats, they were all dripping.  I started taking his coat off, unsure of how to proceed at this point (after pondering this a few days, I should have grabbed him and ran out the door).

Behind me in line had been 3 high school age girls and one of their moms (actually, they were 2 people behind me, but the man right behind me kept on ordering his food).  The girls grabbed some napkins and ran over.  The mom mentioned HJ looked cold, and one of the girls took of her coat and wrapped him up.  At this point, one of the workers at Hy-Vee handed me some paper towels.  I wiped off HJ’s face as best I could, and the high school girl offered to take him to the area with tables while I continued cleaning.  Her friends started wiping up the floor until I told them not to worry about it (because, gross, it was vomit).  By this time a worker came out with a garbage can, and I started cleaning the floor.

I realized at this point, vomit was drying on my face.  I can not imagine what I looked like.  I had our coats laying in a pile, dripping of vomit, while trying to wipe my face and arms as best I could.  I also spent a good minute trying to scoop a puddle out of my purse.  And wipe off my phone that was of course in the puddle.

Did I mention this was right in front of the main entrance?  So everyone walking in had to witness a panicked mom, covered in vomit, wearing a short sleeve shirt in freezing weather, sitting on the floor scooping up vomit.

At this point I asked the worker what else I could do.  I thought he was going to vomit on me.  Clearly, this was not as common a thing as when I worked at a bar in college.  I stuttered something about needing to find my son, and carried our dripping coats to the eating area.

When I arrived, the young girl was wiping HJ’s hands off with her shirt (seriously, what a saint.  I would never use my shirt for a strange child’s vomit covered hands).  She offered to stay with him if I needed to get groceries.  However, I was still covered in vomit and had enough embarrassment to last a while.  I wanted to get the hell out of there.  As we got close to the door, HJ started crying because he was so cold and wet.  I had my hands full of coats and purses, and was wearing short sleeves in work-out capris.  I wanted to start crying too.

We made it to the car after the treacherous walk of shame and just sat in the car for a minute.  At this point, I thought for sure I was going to lose it.  Instead, I looked at my vomit covered child in the back seat and started laughing.   I thought of the poor people who just witnessed that.  They were waiting in line for their dinner, and end up witnessing a scene from the Sandlot.  They had to watch the whole thing unfold, while I think my body went into some sort of shock.  The poor worker who had to help me clean!  I mean, how did they decide who had to come out from behind the counter?

So laughing is what I went with.  My child and I laughed on the way home and jumped in the shower immediately.  I had to wash our coats and clothes about 3 times before they looked clean.  It took me an hour to clean my purse.  HJ’s shoes are still drying and may never look the same.  Also, I am terrified to bring him shopping with me.  And I might be banned from Hy-Vee.

And HJ immediately asked for chicken nuggets.

*And yes, I completely caught whatever bug he had and am currently being a big, sick baby.

I think it’s safe to say I will always remember this Valentine’s Day.  XOXO.


Being over 30, I have started to really work on using products that will help me stay wrinkle-free.  Also, how is it possible to have wrinkles and acne at the same time?  Can’t we get a break from one or the other?  Damn being 30.  Or 32, whatever.

When Freya asked me to help review an item from their skincare, I jumped at the chance.  The product I received was the Freya Artic Cleansing Water.  I was pretty excited.  It is an expensive face wash, something I would never splurge on myself.  I figured I would look 18 and have blemish free skin in no time.

However, the truth is, the product was sort of lack luster.  I didn’t notice any changes.  The company’s page made me think I would see some sort of results, but I didn’t.

I think this product will make it into my travel bag, as it is convenient.  At home, I will stick to my homemade face wash.  I still haven’t found anything that makes my face feel more smooth, and it is extremely inexpensive.

My resolution this month is to complete a few photo projects I have been procrastinating on. There are 4 projects I am trying to complete (or at least get them finished so as soon as I see a good deal, I can purchase). Two of the projects are books, one is a photo album and the fourth is a canvas. This is the one I need your help on.

Every year, I have purchased a 16×20 canvas from Canvas on Demand.  Here are the cute canvases from prior years.  For HJ’s 4-year canvas, I can’t decide.  I like both for different reasons, so help me pick which one should adorn our walls!

Picture 1:

canvas 4

Picture 2:

or this one 4 canvas

On both, the reason the words don’t go to the edges is because the image is wrapped on the canvas, so I have to leave a bit of room.

Let me know in the comments if we should order the canvas of photo 1 or 2!



Want a super yummy recipe for the perfect dessert? Monster  Bars. It’s easier then making monster cookies…because it’s a bar.
I love to give my pinterest credit where it is due, but this recipe was just a screenshot. Here is where I found it.

monster bar rec


My only complaint…they seemed to try out quickly.  So, eat within a day or two.  Also, they were so good, I had to dispose of them so I would stop shoveling them in my face.  Yeah, I’m classy like that.

Any tips for keeping this from drying out?  Would bread in the container work like with cookies?  Anyone else have a good cookie to bar recipe they would like to share on the blog?




Before I became a mom, I swore I wouldn’t have “that kid”.  You know, the one with the constant runny nose.  And then I had a kid. Did you know all kids seem to have a runny nose throughout the fall and winter?  It’s gross, but true.  Plus, my child actually starts gagging if he sees his own boogers.  No joke. Which means, I have Kleenex® stuck anywhere and everywhere so I can grab it at anytime.  I am loving the stylish new designs, and all the ways to stash them where I need them. PicMonkey Collage2 To celebrate Kleenex’s 90th anniversary, they’re bringing you another innovative first: The Kleenex® Style Studio. It’s a fun, inspiring way to discover more of the Kleenex® Brand designs and products you love. And maybe even a few that’ll take you by surprise. Whether you’re decorating at home or adding a pop of color to your clutch, Kleenex® has you covered. Of course, there’s the normal, average Kleenex® box.  I love the subtle blue design that matches perfect with HJ’s whale bathroom. IMG_5477 Then, there is the box made to stick in the car.  Makes it easy to pass it back when I notice HJ taking his sleeve to his nose. And the super cute slim pack.  This one fits perfect in my purse, and in HJ’s backpack. PicMonkey Collage Right now, you can visit Kleenex® and take their style quiz (I scored 3 out of 5), register to win the sweeps and get coupons.  You can also take this quick, 1 question survey from Kleenex® .

Thanks to Kleenex® for sponsoring today’s post!

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Alright February, bring on the resolution!

This month, I decided to focus on something a little more simple.  This way, I can still work on being healthy and not feeling too overwhelmed.  To some of you, this one may sound silly, but it is something I have been procrastinating.

February: Photo Projects

I have about 4 photo projects I have wanted to do in the past year, and just haven’t got around to it.  This month, I want to get them done.  I am hoping to have about 30 minutes each night to work on them, and get them completed and ordered by the end of the night.

Two of the projects involve photo books.  What is the easiest/best quality site you have used?