This week at school, HJ is learning all about clothes (I don’t exactly know what that means).  We were told to let them pick out their favorite outfits.  Tuesday rolls around (HJ’s first day of school for the week) and I tell him to wear his favorite outfit.  He came out wearing not one, not two, but three angry bird shirts.  At once.  He looked like a little butterball.  An adorable, angry bird, butterball.  Then he proceeded to show me his Ninja Turtle underwear.  We had a quick lesson on not showing the underwear off at school.

A few weeks ago, I heard about a single mom who was attacked fairly close to where I live.  She has a 4-year-old boy who witnessed the whole thing.  It hit a little close to home.  On top of that, it was random.  Apparently some guy was knocking on her door saying he needed help because there had been an accident.  When she opened the door, he tried to rape her and told her he was going to kill her.  She was able to get away and get help, but holy crap.  Frightening.  Check out the article.  Needless to say, unless I know who is on the other side of the door, I probably wont be answering it.  Thank goodness for a peephole.  But still, if someone says they need help, I don’t want to be bitter and not offer assistance.  This is why bad people really suck.  It makes it so I don’t know if I should help or not. What would you do if someone was on the other side of the door asking for help because of an accident?

This past week, I managed to stay under my calorie count.  On top of that, I started the c25k app (couch to 5 k).  I have never been a runner, but I am trying. One thing I have learned is that running sucks. That, and I am barely eating processed foods anymore.  And, I feel like I have more energy.  Now if only the 17 pounds would just slide right off…

This week seemed forever long, so I am super glad it’s almost the weekend.  Saturday, HJ starts swim lessons, and Saturday night I get to go to a b-day party while HJ has a sleep over at nana and papa’s.  Love the weekends 🙂

Hope you all have a great one!

3 Thoughts on “Friday Ramblings

  1. If I felt uncomfortable I would call 911 and wait. Better safe than sorry.

  2. Oh man. That story. WAY too close to my house.. so so scary 🙁

  3. That article is so scary, I never answer the door for people I don’t recognize, but this cements it for me! I’m also a single mom to a 4 year old boy, and I’ve been on the fence about getting a home security system, but after reading this and other stories of break-ins, I’m ordering my security system next week!!

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