Man, I am really good at spacing out the vacation posts.  Three months later and still doing it.  That, or I completely forgot.


Our last day of park fun, we decided to relax in the morning and take it easy.  HJ and I had breakfast and headed to the pool (mind you, this was the first day it wasn’t 90 degrees, just 73).  HJ and his cousin were approached by a lifeguard and asked to officially open the waterslide.



They got to make an announcement, help unlock the gate and be the first ones to go down the slide.  HJ loved, loved the waterslide.


After playing for a bit, we got ready to hit up Epcot.


The temperature was perfect this day, and definitely welcomed after the hot days before.  We used our fast passes to go on Nemo and Soarin and also to do a character meet and greet.


As you can see, he was thrilled.


A highlight was during “Turtle Talk with Crush”.  It is an interactive show where the kids get to sit in front and talk to Crush.  When Crush asked the audience if they had questions, HJ’s hand shot up.  Crush asked, “What’s your question, little dude in the blue shell?”.  HJ didn’t hesitate and spoke into the microphone, “How does you get in you shell?”

Crush let him know that Sea Turtles don’t actually go into their shells, that’s more land turtle stuff.  Huh.  The more you know.

As our day was winding down, we headed over for a concert.  Not just any concert, BOYS 2 MEN.  That’s right.  BOYS 2 MEN.  Although, they lost a member.  But, it was fantastic and brought me back to junior high skating parties.


By the time the concert was over, it was getting dark.  HJ was so worn out, he fell asleep in the stroller, and we were heading to the gates.  When we got back to the resort, it was hard to keep HJ up long enough to get his pj’s on.


The next morning, we had a breaskfast and decided we had time to kill before heading to the airport.  We went to Downtown Disney to walk around a bit and let the kids burn off some energy.


It was a great end to an incredible vacation.


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  1. awh! how looks like they had a lot of fun :

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